14 Sep '17, 1am

Get Started with #Arduino Starter Kit: The Love-O-Meter Project

Get Started with #Arduino Starter Kit: The Love-O-Meter Project

A novice would have to be a little careful here as I noticed some BC547 transistors in the component pack using the same package as the temperature sensor I need for this project. Before getting to code the Uno the book talks about a cardboard cutout (in a similar theme to the Spaceship Interface) - but unfortunately it the picture they show wouldn't work as the temperature sensor is at the top of the board and the lips they want over the temperature sensor are at the bottom of their overlay. Again, this might confuse some beginners or stop their project working. I moved by board layout to place the temperature sensor at the bottom. So we've got (1) heart for hot, (2) thumbs up for middle temperature and (3)

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Unboxing an #Arduino Starter Kit

Unboxing an #Arduino Starter Kit

element14.com 01 Sep '17, 8am

My aim is to show other Element14 readers what the kit can do. My background is Microchip PIC programming with assembler a...

Sub-$20 Arduino-Based Telemetry System

Sub-$20 Arduino-Based Telemetry System

hackaday.com 12 Sep '17, 11pm

[William Osman] set out to prove that unlike expensive commercial data logging rigs, he could get the same results for und...

This #Arduino-based project will tune your guitar for you

This #Arduino-based project will tune your guit...

element14.com 09 Sep '17, 7am

The analog input pin ‘A0’ on the Arduino is used to read the audio signal coming from the guitar. The Arduino Due reads vo...

A BluePill for Arduino Dependence

hackaday.com 02 Sep '17, 11am

Arduinos are helpful but some applications require more than what Arduinos can provide. However, it’s not always easy to m...

Hindi Heyyy Kaanum Heyyy Bakthaa Heyyy Mudikitu poo Heyyy :P :P :P :P

Hindi Heyyy Kaanum Heyyy Bakthaa Heyyy Mudikitu...

tamil.oneindia.com 13 Sep '17, 1pm

Singapore govt has honoured Tamil language as it has promoted Tamil in Changi airport.