13 Feb '18, 10pm

Getting Ahead with RF Ionization Breakdown Simulation

In this eSeminar we will review the fundamental aspects of RF Breakdown in gasses. In particular, we will discuss the main parameters affecting the discharge breakdown threshold such as the frequency of operation, the pressure, the temperature or the device dimensions. Simulations with SPARK3D® coupled with CST STUDIO SUITE® will show the benefits of using a full numerical approach to determine the breakdown power level in comparison with analytical approaches. For the particular case of narrowband bandpass filters we will show the advantages of using SPARK3D combined with Filter Designer 3D and CST STUDIO SUITE to determine the breakdown power level in a filter cavity without the need to design the complete microwave filter.

Full article: https://spectrum.ieee.org/webinar/getting-ahead-with-rf-i...


Getting Ahead with Particle Source Simulation

spectrum.ieee.org 15 Feb '18, 10pm

This eSeminar will illustrate the electromagnetic simulation of four different particles sources in CST STUDIO SUITE® 2018...

The Breakdown of Cryptocurrencies

The Breakdown of Cryptocurrencies

cryptics.tech 15 Feb '18, 9pm

Though the crypto market is still relatively new and lacks many of the traditional institutions of a civilized market, the...

Looking ahead to Summer in Provence

Looking ahead to Summer in Provence

aluxurytravelblog.com 13 Feb '18, 11pm

However, the summer heat makes it a perfect time to explore the crystal-clear turquoise waters from a boat, with trips run...

Getting Ahead with Optical Simulation

spectrum.ieee.org 02 Feb '18, 8pm

In this eSeminar we will demonstrate in detail how CST STUDIO SUITE® can be utilized in the design process of photonic com...

plug for "Microwaves and RF"

plug for "Microwaves and RF"

mwrf.com 16 Feb '18, 10am

A variety of spectrum will be used. Much of it will be below 6 GHz. Each carrier has its own spectrum licenses that vary w...