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Rockwell Introduces Tools to Simplify Design of Safe Machines @ROKAutomation

Rockwell Introduces Tools to Simplify Design of Safe Machines @ROKAutomation

Specifically, the SAB tool guides manufacturers through the safety system design process by providing options for layout, as well as safety performance level (PL) analysis based on ISO 13849-1 using IFA’s SISTEMA (Safety Integrity Software Tool for Evaluation of Machine Applications). It also provides steps for selecting products using Allen-Bradley safety automation products. To do this, the tool enables users to import an image of machinery, and answer questions using a drop-down menu and help screens to identify and select the necessary safeguards. The software then organizes all product selections, generates a bill of materials, and compiles necessary data to populate SISTEMA, which uses an automatic calculation to indicate the attained PL of the safety system using ISO 13849-1. Users also receive a SISTEMA project file as part of the process.

Full article: http://www.designnews.com/document.asp?doc_id=262277


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