30 Nov '13, 2pm

At SPS IPC drives, we also had on display a demo featuring the LDC100, the world's first inductance-digital-conveter!

Higher resolution: Enables sub-micron resolution in position-sensing applications with 16-bit resonance impedance and 24-bit inductance values Better reliability : Offers contactless sensing that is immune to nonconductive contaminants such as dirt and dust Greater flexibility : Allows the sensor to be located remotely from the electronics, where PCBs cannot be placed Lower system cost: Uses low-cost sensors and targets – no magnets required Limitless possibilities: Supports pressed foil or conductive ink targets, offering endless opportunities for creative and innovative system design Lower system power: Consumes less than 8.5 mW during standard operation and less than 1.25 mW in standby mode

Full article: http://www.ti.com/ww/en/analog/dataconverters/inductance-...



ti.com 10 Dec '13, 9am

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