15 Dec '11, 12am

LTspice seminar with Mike Engelhardt:

LTspice seminar with Mike Engelhardt:

Still, in a way Mike was being way too modest about his achievements with LTSpice. I had a retired LT IC designer clue me in, when I asked him if it was true that you could only use LT parts in LTSpice. He explained that was not true, indeed one of my buddies at Maxim tells me he uses LTspice almost every day. The LT designer then went on to explain what was really cool about LTspice. See, a switching power supply has the same simulation problem as a PLL (phase-locked loop). It takes milliseconds to start up and get to steady-state. But to help the program converge you want slender nanosecond time slices for the matrix solver. What Mike did was craft a way to speed up the billions of calculations that LTspice does, so you can capture that switching power chip start up in a reasonable amount of computational time. This is what I do hear the big EDA companies bragging about ...

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  1. 22 Aug '12, 12am

    I have written a numerical optimizer for LTSpice. It automatically adjusts component values to optimize circuit objectives you set.
    It uses an evolutionary algorithm as the search engine, which is not such an unusual thing these days.

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Mike Mann Sells News.Co For $50K

thedomains.com 14 Dec '11, 9pm

You forget to say that all .co`s bought the same person. If that buyer disappeared nobody would mention great Mike M` .co ...