27 Dec '11, 10am

Asia Optical expected to see operating loss in 4Q11

Asia Optical, which makes optical lenses and digital cameras, is expected to see decreased shipments and continued operating loss in the fourth quarter of 2011 due to off-season effect and short supply of some key components of digital cameras, according to industry sources.

Full article: http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20111227PD200.html


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@hrhgwenana SEE.

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alvinology.com 27 Dec '11, 8pm

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[Review] Startup Asia

[Review] Startup Asia

youngupstarts.com 28 Dec '11, 7am

Asia – especially in countries such as India, China, Vietnam – is fast becoming the place where many entrepreneurs, whethe...



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2011/12/27 10:30 徐 航明=Tech-On!特約ライター  中国には、イノベーションを起こすための多くの条件が揃っている。そして実際にノベーションの創出が始まっている。しかし、順調にどんどんイノベーションが生まれて、中国が世界の...

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Pay attention, as this sort of thing could hit other mountainous areas that are dependent on glaciers for their water supp...

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