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Model MRFE6VP61K25HR6 is an enhancement-mode LDMOS transistor rated for 1250 pulsed and cw output power at frequencies to 600 MHz, with the capability of operating into load mismatches equivalent to a VSWR of 65.0:1. High-power RF transistors are being made more rugged than ever before. Devices designed for extreme durability can withstand severe mismatches, even at full output levels. Several manufacturers now offer high-power silicon laterally diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor (LDMOS) transistors promoted as capable of withstanding operating into loads equivalent to a 65.0:1 VSWR. But are these transistors truly bulletproof? And for what type of applications does such ruggedness pay off? This report will look at a sampling of the latest ruggedized high-power LDMOS transistors, their electrical characteristics, and a comparison of how they are tested to determine their d...

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Trying to do motor control using transistors. Collector->base leakage sucks. Should I give up an use relays? ( e.g.

Trying to do motor control using transistors. C...

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Measurements are vital to research as well as production. Over the last 50 years, ever-improving test equipment led to gre...

The Coming Real Estate Shift - Closer, Smaller, More Connected, Urban

The Coming Real Estate Shift - Closer, Smaller,...

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The Urban Land Institute ’s latest forward-looking report for the real estate industry has lots of hopeful news for the en...