31 Dec '11, 6am

車輪に関しては売ってないから作るもあるか。海外のロボット工作系shopみると感心するほど車輪が売ってる。http://t.co/jdR9fhHU 買わないから無いのか,無いから買わないのかは別として結論は”だから買わない”になってるね。

These two large (120mm-diameter) wheels from Dagu Electronics match those on the Dagu Wild Thumper chassis and can be used as replacement parts or for custom robots that need to traverse complex, rugged terrain. The black tires are made of soft, spiked rubber for increased traction, and the plastic hubs are metallic orange/gold in color. The included adapters let you easily mount the wheels to motors with 4mm output shafts . These wheels are sold in pairs : you get two wheels, two 4mm adapters, and one 3mm hex wrench that matches the adapter screws.

Full article: http://www.pololu.com/catalog/category/24


@zouksingapore 's top 11 tracks of 2011

@zouksingapore 's top 11 tracks of 2011

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