30 May '14, 8pm

Using Pulleys and Weights to Explain Binary Logic Gates

Using Pulleys and Weights to Explain Binary Logic Gates

Not dissing the idea, but i don’t think i would have found this helpfull, its like an extra layer of learning. the function of the gates is explained in there name. look at the logic tables, look at the name. repeat till you realize why the table = the name. job jobbed. Obviously a good lecturer/tutor will help the whole thing “click” sooner. having to think though an abstracted layer of pulleys and string is convoluted imho. In my last job i spent a vast amount of time training people on technical matters, i found if you didnt present the appropriate explanation right off the bat it only confused matters, and made subsequent explanation on further complexities harder.

Full article: http://hackaday.com/2014/05/30/using-pulleys-and-weights-...


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