04 Mar '12, 10am

Thanks to @rapidee I found and fixed the @cadence install fail quickly. Related thread here:

Since I appear to talking to myself I might as well finish this conversation. It appears that OrCAD has claimed the user variable 'home' and given it the value of c:\SPB_Data. The quick fix, delete the OrCAD HOME variable value from the user's environment variable. The Virtual Machine now works and software development can continue as usual. (as a side note, mplayer also seems to be throwing a config file in the SPB_data folder, so it appears other programs are also affected by the OrCAD install.) The long term fix. Run OrCAD on a junky PC by itself - and send a letter home saying OrCAD doesn't like to play well with others.

Full article: http://www.cadence.com/Community/forums/t/17969.aspx


Cadence moves physical design software to 20-nm

eetimes.com 05 Mar '12, 3pm

LONDON – Cadence Design Systems Inc. has announced that the latest release of its Encounter software suite for RTL-to-GDSI...

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gembundler.com 06 Mar '12, 12am

A Gemfile.lock is required. To ensure that the same versions of the gems you developed with and tested with are also used ...