30 Aug '14, 5am

#eHealth #mHealth #WaRP

#eHealth #mHealth #WaRP

Wearable technology is prevalent in the consumer, entertainment, sports and fitness markets. Wearable devices must be small, very low powered to enable long battery life and able to seamlessly connect to a hub or gateway device for access to the internet or cloud. Freescale offers the market's broadest and best-enabled portfolio of solutions ideal for designing into wearable products. Our scalable MCU and MPU families range from small ultra-low-power Kinetis MCUs, such as the KL02 chip-scale package (CSP) the world's smallest ARM Powered® MCU, to i.MX applications processors with hardware acceleration to enable designs with higher level operating systems, such as Linux® and Android™.

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Hi, Paul here. It was never my intention to mislead you or anyone else. I’m a bit disturbed you feel this way, but I do se...