27 Sep '14, 8am

Third Person Skydiving

Third Person Skydiving

GoPros were invented for a few reasons, and skydiving is right at the top of that list. You’ll be hard pressed to find a regular skydiver that doesn’t own at least one of the little cameras, and there are a few examples of helmets with three or four GoPros tacked on. This is an entirely new application . Yes, you can now film yourself skydiving with a third person view. [Jason] hacked together this camera rig in an hour by strapping a GoPro on a Nerf Vortex football, tying a length of paracord to the camera mount, and connecting the other end to a hip ring on the parachute harness. It took three flights to get the canopy in the camera’s field of view, but the results are spectacular. It’s a tad bit unstable when turning, but the fins on the Nerf football make for a very, very stable shot. [Jason] isn’t jumping out of a plane with this contraption already dangling underneat...

Full article: http://hackaday.com/2014/09/27/third-person-skydiving/


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