29 Sep '14, 8am


Covox was in Oregon. Other than the Speech Thing they made two 8 bit ISA soundcards. The Sound Master and Sound Master II. The Sound Master was essentially an internal Speech Thing with a pair of Atari 2600 compatible joystick ports and IIRC another feature or two. The Sound Master II lost the 2600 ports, and (IIRC) gained Adlib compatibility plus Covox’s own digital audio while retaining the Speech Thing. One of the last things the company did was releasing drivers to make the card Soundblaster compatible. Even after Covox was gone, the Sound Master II wasn’t done. Media Vision released a sound card dubbed “Pro Zonic” that rolled all the major sound card standards into one, including all the features of the Sound Master II. The Pro Zonic was the successor to the Pro Sonic. I think the Pro Sonic had Adlib, Soundblaster Pro, Soundblaster 16, and Pro Audio Spectrum support. ...

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