31 Oct '14, 5pm

Halloween at MikroE

Halloween at MikroE

Halloween at MikroE by Srdjan Misic | October 31, 2014 MikroElektronika became a haunted house for Halloween. Soon after we switched off the production-line machines, the witches started arriving at the scene. They started to convene in front of a big projection screen (which is the Intern’s Lab during the usual work-day routine) Soon the place became dark, and filled with smoke and steam. The party was supreme, the witches even chose their queen. After a few hours, once again the place became serene, because well behaved witches use brooms to fly and to clean. Yours sincerely, MikroElektronika

Full article: http://www.mikroe.com/news/view/816/halloween-at-mikroe/


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October 2014 Dashboard

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