30 Nov '14, 3am

Micro Python Now Runs on the ESP8266 – Contributors Wanted to get Wifi Working

Micro Python Now Runs on the ESP8266 – Contributors Wanted to get Wifi Working

[Damien] sent us a quick email to let us know that Micro Python, a lean and fast implementation of the Python scripting language on microcontrollers is now running on the ESP8266 . You may remember him from his interview on Hackaday, back when Micro Python was still at the crowdfunding stage. His campaign gathered £97k (for a £15k objective) and its comment section let us know that the backers are very happy with what he delivered. As the very cheap ESP8266 Wifi module is gathering a lot of attention, he implemented support for it. You may use the dedicated files in the main repository ESP8266 folder together with esp-open-sdk or simply use the precompiled binary available here . Unfortunately the software doesn’t have WiFi support yet, as it’s only a Python REPL prompt over UART at the moment. Contributors are therefore welcome to help speed up the development!

Full article: http://hackaday.com/2014/11/29/micro-python-now-runs-on-t...


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