29 Dec '14, 6am

A Strategy to Verify an AXI/ACE Compliant Interconnect (2 of 4) (VIP Experts Blog - Synopsys)

, we focused on the first level of testing required for verifying an AXI/ACE Compliant Interconnect — Integration/Connectivity testing. In this post, we will focus on basic coherent transaction testing. We use the term basic to signify something that is a prerequisite before we move on to more advanced testing. Coherent transactions are a set of transactions used in the AXI/ACE protocol to perform load and store operations. Each of these transactions have a different set of response requirements from the Interconnect. Further, each of these transactions can be used in multiple configurations. We need to verify that the Interconnect works correctly for each of these transaction types. We will first give an overview of the protocol before moving on to a testing strategy for these.

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