10 Jan '15, 11pm

Oscilloscopes #thingsPeopleBuiltWithSmalltalk

EDITED: The 1M Option (if the scope has the big memory option) and 2F Options do work with the above addresses on a TDS540A; so probably all. The gpib is the easy way. If the option is supported it will take, Options 3C and 4C both require calibration so your scope wont show pass if you enable these but don't calibrate those options, turn them back off w/0, and all is well again. My console port card, which is factory, prints a somewhat different listing w/boot setting and is vxworks, changing setting on it would likely access the smalltalk mechanism that it mentions but does not default too. It's amazing how much is going on under the hood of these if you can see it, watch spc as it occurs etc. Nothing wonderfull, I rarely use it, now that the option bit is out over the gpib most wont need it. But is is kind of cool. Carefull, Tek made the firmware on these pretty solid a...

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