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Analog Devices ADuCRF101 Wireless Data Acquisition System Now at Mouser: @MouserElec @ADI_News

Analog Devices ADuCRF101 Precision Analog Microcontroller with RF Transceiver , available from Mouser Electronics, contains everything needed to implement a wireless data acquisition system, including analog and digitalsensor inputs and an RF transceiver. The data acquisition section consists of a high resolution 12-bit ADC with a programmable data rate of up to 167kSPS. The ADC has six channels which can be configured in either single ended or differential modes. In single-ended mode, the ADC can be used with sensors that have ratiometric outputs, such as transducers. Serial inputs include a UART, I2C, and SPI which can be used to interface to external sensors.

Full article: http://www.eejournal.com/archives/news/20150225-04/


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Electromagnetic Interference Filtering Reduces Errors in Precision Analog Applications

Wireless Tbps Achieved By Surrey University.

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Click-to-Call and the Big Data Gap

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