26 May '15, 11am

LayerOne Demoscene Demoboard Party

The LayerOne conference is over, and that means this last weekend saw one of the biggest demoscene parties in the USA. Who won? A European team. We should have seen this coming. There were two categories for the LayerOne demo compo, the first using only the LayerOne Demoscene Board . It’s a board with a PIC24F microcontroller, VGA out, and a 1/8″ mono audio out. That’s it; everything that comes out of this board is hand coded on the PIC. A few months ago, [JKing] wrote a demo to demonstrate what this demoboard can do . According to him, it’s the only reason Hackaday sold a single Demoboard in the Hackaday store: First place for the Demoscene Board competition went to a remote entry – a team called COINE. The video and initial reactions of everyone in the room: No one in the idea had any idea how this was possible . The hardware should not be able to do that. The resolution...

Full article: http://hackaday.com/2015/05/26/layerone-demoscene/


LayerOne Hardware Hacking Village

LayerOne Hardware Hacking Village

hackaday.com 24 May '15, 5pm

Go to DEFCON and you’ll stand in line for five hours to get a fancy electronic badge you’ll be showing to your grandchildr...

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my-lolita-dress.com 26 May '15, 1pm

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See You at LayerOne this Weekend

hackaday.com 22 May '15, 11am

LayerOne, the first level of security. [Brian Benchoff] and I are excited to take part in our first LayerOne conference th...

Is your dog an Einstein or a party animal?

Is your dog an Einstein or a party animal?

mnn.com 25 May '15, 4pm

The glasses just kind of make Brodie look smart. (Photo: Mary Jo DiLonardo) I thought I had the valedictorian, but turns o...