30 Jun '12, 1am

Need a #robot ? The Scribbler 2 (S2) is up to the task. Pre-programmed, reprogrammable, and #hackable.

is Parallax’s widely-anticipated Propeller-based robot. At first look the S2 appears to be a distant cousin to the original blue Scribbler (S1) , but a look under the shell shows generations of electronic evolution! Some of the improvements the P8X32A multi-core microcontroller with eight processing cogs, faster motors with encoder feedback for precision movement, bright bi-color LEDs, a loud speaker, a microphone and a truly accessible hacker port! Applications such as pen-based artwork, XBee communication between robots and computers, voice synthesis, robot following and classroom competition are all possible with the S2.

Full article: http://www.parallax.com/go/s2/


Billa 2

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Need help with Adsense and Youtube #blackhat

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Tiger Tracker round 2:

Tiger Tracker round 2:

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