29 May '15, 1pm

Logic Noise: Sequencing in Silicon | Hackaday

Logic Noise: Sequencing in Silicon | Hackaday

In this session of Logic Noise, we’ll combine a bunch of the modules we’ve made so far into an autonomous machine noise box. OK, at least we’ll start to sequence some of these sounds. A sequencer is at the heart of any drum box and the centerpiece of any “serious” modular synthesizer. Why? Because you just can’t tweak all those knobs and play notes and dance around at the same time. Or at least we can’t. So you gotta automate. Previously we did it with switches . This time we do it with logic pulses. The 4017 Decade Counter The featured chip this session, the one that gets it all done, is the 4017 Decade Counter. It’s a strange chip, left over from the days when people wanted to count things using IC logic chips instead of just running the input into a microcontroller. But therein lies its charm and usability. At its simplest, you input a clock signal and one of ten differ...

Full article: http://hackaday.com/2015/04/24/logic-noise-sequencing-in-...


Hackaday Prize Entry: Very, Very Small Logic

Hackaday Prize Entry: Very, Very Small Logic

hackaday.com 05 Jun '15, 5am

Despite the existence of FPGAs and CPLDs, there’s still a necessity for very small programmable logic devices. GALs, PALs,...

Hackaday Links: May 31, 2015

hackaday.com 31 May '15, 11pm

Back in the mid-70s, [Paul Horowitz] (who has an incredible Wikipedia entry , by the way) started teaching Physics 123 at ...

Hackaday Prize Worldwide: San Francisco

Hackaday Prize Worldwide: San Francisco

hackaday.com 29 May '15, 5pm

Summer is heating up and so is the Hackaday Prize. In two weeks we’ll put down stakes in San Francisco for a day-long work...

Review: DSLogic Logic Analyzer

Review: DSLogic Logic Analyzer

hackaday.com 26 May '15, 2pm

Logic analyzers historically have been the heavy artillery in an engineer’s arsenal. For many of us, the name invokes ment...

Hackaday Prize Entry: A Better DIY CT Scanner

hackaday.com 30 May '15, 5am

If you’re entering something in The Hackaday Prize this year, [Peter Jansen] is a guy you need to watch out for. Last year...

Hackaday Prize Entry: A BeagleBone Logic Analyzer

hackaday.com 20 May '15, 5am

If you have a BeagleBone, you already have a lot of tools. We’ve seen them used in driving hundreds of LEDs at a very high...

Hackaday Prize Entry: A 3D Mapping Drone

hackaday.com 29 May '15, 5am

4k isn’t actually mpressive for a mapping application. 4K is far lower resolution then what can be flown in the mirrorless...