31 Dec '15, 4pm

$1.44 Million Fine for Switching Long Distance Carriers

According to a Forfeiture Order issued by the Commission in November 2015, telemarketers working for the carrier Preferred Long Distance, Inc. made calls to subscribers of other long distance carriers and pretended to be representatives of those carriers. The telemarketers then switched subscribers’ long distance carrier to Preferred Long Distance without proper authorization from the subscribers.

Full article: http://incompliancemag.com/1-44-million-fine-for-switchin...


fine dining in kaftan

fine dining in kaftan

proudduck.com 04 Jan '16, 8pm

I was treated to a 5-course meal that was literally beautiful plates of culinary art that we all nodded to after each bite...

Long Chim

myfoodsirens.wordpress.com 05 Jan '16, 2pm

In the meantime, on a related (Thai) note, I shall write about our dinners at Long Chim . Yup, dinnersss because we have a...