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THIS PART IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. NEW DESIGNS consider the MAT14 . The MAT04 is a quad monolithic NPN transistor that offers excellent parametric matching for precision amplifier and nonlinear circuit applications. Performance characteristics fo the MAT04 include high gain (400 minimum) over a wide range of collector current, low noise (2.25nV/(root)Hz maximum at 100Hz IC =1 mA) and excellent logarithmic conformance. The MAT04 also features a low offset voltage of 200µV and tight current gain matching, to within 2 %. Each transistor of the MAT04 is individually tested to data sheet specifications. For matching parameters (offset voltage, input offset current, and gain match), each of the dual transistor combinations are verified to meet stated limits. Device performance is guaranteed at 25°C and over the industrial and military temperature ranges. The long-term stability o...

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AD8275: 16 Bit Attenuating ADC Driver Interfaces HV Sensors to ADC Learn how to simplify design and reduce cost by using a...