29 Apr '16, 1pm

Heat sink cools off a overclocked #RaspberryPi

Heat sink cools off a overclocked #RaspberryPi

Some other stats: the Razzmatazz could allow you to get the most power out of the Raspberry Pi 2 hardware without as much risk of damaging the hardware since their tests demonstrate that an overclocked Raspberry Pi 2 using the Razzmatazz case can operate between 35.0° C to 39.0° C. If your Raspberry Pi 2 gets above 85.0° C, the lifetime of your Raspberry Pi will begin to decrease. In MorpheusAV’s tests, the overclocked Raspberry Pi 2 reached 69.3° C without their heat sink case. This still isn’t above Raspberry Pi’s reported recommended maximums for the internal chipset temperature, but their tests only ran 20 minutes long with temperatures steadily increasing. If you plan to run your Raspberry Pi 2 overclocked for more than 20-30 minutes, you should probably invest in a cooling solution., or have more Pi boards ready for when your current one burns out.

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