17 May '16, 9pm

FotoNation and Kyocera partner to develop the next generation of AI car cameras $TSRA $KYO

Given that purpose-built automotive vision SoCs — such as those from Mobileye, NXP and Texas Instruments — are already reaching the commercial automotive market, what sort of new innovations will Kyocera-FotoNation’s automotive camera technology bring? Mehra stressed that the market for “intelligent” automotive cameras is “growing very fast.” Advanced computer vision algorithms are replacing “dumb cameras which just display [on a screen inside a vehicle] what they see.” Intelligent cameras can identify objects, separate a bicycle from a truck coming from behind, understand what’s going on around a vehicle, and help the car make decisions, he explained. Mehra boasted that even before Nvidia started talking about deep learning for automotive computer vision, “We’ve been using some deep learning and neural network-based systems to develop our own computer vision technologies....

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via @eetimes #WearableTech #Maker

via @eetimes #WearableTech #Maker

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