24 May '16, 2pm

Symmetry for Beginners – The Rubik’s Cube https://t.co/V6sVq7c1v2

Symmetry is everywhere in our natural world. Just take a look at your hands, a butterfly, or a sunflower. It’s easy to pass off the idea of symmetry and symmetric structures as a simple quirk of existence, and to pay it little mind. If this is your view, I can assure you it will no longer be by the end of this series. If we force ourselves to look beyond the grade school applications of symmetry, we find a world rich in connections via many different types of symmetric identities. One of the most interesting is Gauge Symmetry, which lies at the heart of Quantum Electrodynamics, or QED (we’ll get into this a bit later in the series). Several branches of higher level mathematics study symmetry in detail, allowing a host of sciences, from physics to chemistry, to view difficult problems and theories from a different perspective.

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This Saturday, 1-Day Intensive #Salsa Beginners...

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Real-time Driving of RGB LED Cube using Unity3D

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RGB LED cubes are great, but building the cube is only half the battle – they also need to be driven. The larger the cube,...