28 May '16, 1pm

Ethereum’s $150M DAO Opens Just as Researchers Call for a Halt: Comments

one of the co-authors points to a strong incentive not to cast negative votes in the DAO. Anyone who votes on a proposal also loses the right to split apart from the DAO until the voting ends and the project in question is either discarded or funded. Zamfir argues that this amounts to a cost on no votes which increases the likelihood that people who would other wise vote no and stop a proposal from going through will instead wait out the vote and just split from the DAO if it doesn’t go the way they wanted. In this scenario, the yes voters get what they wanted. The people who were paying attention and disagree at least get to jump ship. It’s the people who didn’t vote and didn’t pay attention who lose the most, who are tugged along into bad projects, potentially ones that have been intentionally designed to profit only a fraction of the DAO owners.

Full article: http://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/computing/networks/eth...


How happy are we when we drink? (Yes, researchers have put a number on it)

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If you feel that this is in error, you may contact us by first using the following form. If you have trouble reading the t...

#ethereum #bitcoin #blockchain

#ethereum #bitcoin #blockchain

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Over the past couple of weeks, talk of The DAO, or decentralized autonomous organizations in general, has dominated the bl...

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The fact that energy sources and uses are stated in so many different kinds of terms is increasingly seen as not merely an...