29 May '16, 11am

Heavy duty sealing washers withstand 200% tightening torque

APM HEXSEAL SEELOC self-sealing, high-pressure washer line includes complete range of heavy duty sizes. Washer outside diameters are from 12.7mm to 25.4mm, with maximum thru-hole sizes from 6.35mm to 15.87mm. Product line will allow smaller thread sizes to effectively seal larger through holes, without collapsing the washers. Product platform is built on ribbed silicone rubber section that is molded onto a cup-shaped 300 series stainless steel base, creating a high-pressure seal to 100psi.

Full article: http://www.ept.ca/products/heavy-duty-sealing-washers-wit...


Heavy metal

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Highly-Recommended Face Tightening Serum

Highly-Recommended Face Tightening Serum

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