30 Oct '16, 2pm

Ultra-Polished, Handmade Settlers of Catan Redux

Ultra-Polished, Handmade Settlers of Catan Redux

The project page doesn’t talk much about the fabrication process, but laser-cut plastic is a major component. The tiles are black acrylic hexagons with circular pieces attached. The circular pieces are made from different translucent colors (which vendors often call ‘fluorescent’ colors) except for the gold, which is a gold-mirrored acrylic. They are engraved on the bottom, which gives the patterns their frosty white etched appearance. Mounted with the etched side downward onto the black hexagons, the contrast really makes the design pop. The cities are two-piece acrylic assemblies made in a variety of translucent colors, and the larger trophies are laser-engraved on both sides; text on front, pattern on back.

Full article: http://hackaday.com/2016/10/30/ultra-polished-handmade-se...


#ootd #accessoryaddict #Silk #Bag, #fashion #Luxury #Handmade #Clutch.

#ootd #accessoryaddict #Silk #Bag, #fashion #Lu...

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