29 Nov '16, 5pm

Inherently safe collaborative robot leverages motion control speed and agility to automate small parts assembly.

A new collaborative dual arm robot named YuMi uses a unique mechatronic design and innovative motion control to eliminate the need for barriers, cages, and software safety zones. In developing the new design concept, aimed at making automation technically and economically feasible for small parts assembly, the goal was to automate cells that can coexist with both manual work cells nearby and implement an inherently safe environment when interacting with human workers. Unique Mechatronic Design YuMi’s design is based on a revolutionary integration of motion control software, speed-limited hardware, reduced weight, a compact frame, and 14-axis agility. Lightweight, padded magnesium arms can cease operation in milliseconds if necessary, in the event of an unexpected collision, for example, while cameras embedded in its integrated hands monitor the immediate environment. The c...

Full article: http://www.designnews.com/automation-motion-control/colla...


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How Consumerism Is Used to Control Society

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