17 Mar '17, 8pm

Video Friday: Robots Rapping, RoboBoat Competition, and Wall-Avoiding Drone

We propose a novel collaborative transport scheme, in which two quadrotors transport a cable-suspended payload at accelerations that exceed the capabilities of previous collaborative approaches, which make quasi-static assumptions. Furthermore, this is achieved completely without explicit communication between the collaborating robots, making our system robust to communication failures and making consensus on a common reference frame unnecessary. Instead, they only rely on visual and inertial cues obtained from on-board sensors.

Full article: http://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/humanoids/vid...


Welcome to the Drone Wars

Welcome to the Drone Wars

hackaday.com 18 Mar '17, 5pm

“DroneClash ” is a competition to be held on December 4th (save the date!) in a hangar at Valkenburg airfield in the Nethe...

GPGPUs, Molecular Robots, and UVAs! Oh MY!

eejournal.com 17 Mar '17, 3pm

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! This week’s episode of Fish Fry has absolutely nothing to do with Ireland or St. Patrick, but h...

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“Clarke greatly expands opportunities for the carton industry as we work to increase the efficiency of carton recycling an...