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  • Sensors - electronic components for the hobbyist.

    bitsbox.co.uk 11 Jan '14, 10am

    Based on the BMP085 low power pressure sensor, this breakout module includes allows operation at 5V and header pins for power and I2C connection to a breadboard, etc. Interfaces readily with microcontrollers and Arduino - see example video

  • @biglesp also, as an after thought, try tinkering with infrared LED


    bitsbox.co.uk 25 Aug '13, 10am

    LED Selection / Development Kit A collection of 10 x 5mm Std RED, 5 x 5mm Std GREEN, 5 x 5mm Std YELLOW, 10 x 3mm Std RED, 5 x 3mm Std YELLOW, 5 x 3mm Std GREEN, 5 x High Brightness RED & 5 x High Brightness GREEN. The kit also contains 70 resistors in values typically used as LED ser...

  • By special request (ON)-OFF-(ON) single and double pole toggles now available at


    bitsbox.co.uk 08 Jun '12, 4pm

    Standard Double Pole Slide Switch Available on 2-position changeover and 3-position, centre-off. Rated 300mA 125Vac. For panel mounting - 2xM3 threaded fixing holes. Distance between hole centres 28mm.

  • Want to use the Powertip 1602 lcd displays with an Arduino? See a simple example at

    LCD2x16 Demonstration

    bitsbox.co.uk 26 May '13, 9am

    We were playing around with the Powertip PC1602ARU connected to an Arduino and found that it needed some extra contrast - the text was barely visible on the display - so we added a few components to generate a negative voltage from a 1kHz signal supplied by the Arduino. The full circu...

    1. Simple FM Transmitter electronics-lab.com 26 May '13, 10am
  • Another FX Kit is available. Based on the MXR Microamp, see for more info

    MXR Microamp

    bitsbox.co.uk 17 Feb '13, 12pm

    Adding a preset amount of gain with just a single control, the Micro Amp is a great way to boost your signal for lead work or adjust between two different guitars with unmatched output (i.e. humbuckers to single-coils). It can also provide a permanent boost in a long effects chain whe...

  • @markfendley and few for small quantities of components.

    Bitsbox - UK Electronic Components Supplier

    bitsbox.co.uk 13 Jan '13, 9pm

    We are a small, independent family business based in the English Midlands offering electronic components at low prices, with special offers and a low UK delivery price of

  • 1N34A Germanium Diodes back in stock

    Diodes - Electronic components from Bitsbox

    bitsbox.co.uk 10 Oct '12, 9am

    This kit contains a 1N4000 series selection together with 1N4148 signal diodes. These are used everywhere in electronics and an essential for the bitsbox.


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