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  • Why does power dissipation of a Darlington transistor tend higher than single bipolar transistor in switching apps?

    Issue 272: EQ Answers 30 Nov '16, 3pm

    —In switching applications, a single transistor can saturate, resulting in a low VCE of 0.3 to 0.4 V. However, in a Darlington pair, the output transistor is prevented from saturating by the negative feedback provided by the driver transistor. If the collector voltage drops below the ...

  • Issue 298: EQ Answers 16 Nov '16, 2am

    Problem 1: What do we call a network of gates that has no feedback of any kind? What is its key characteristic? Answer 1: A network of gates that has no feedback is called “combinaotorial logic”, or sometimes “combinational logic”. Its defining characteristic is that the output of the...

  • Work w/ displays in Flowcode. Free article & download! Great IDE for #PIC, #AVR, #Arduino, #ARM.

    Flowcode 7 (Part 2): Displays in Flowcode (Sponsor: Matrix) 18 Nov '16, 12pm

    Flowcode is an IDE for electronic and electromechanical system development. Pro engineers, electronics enthusiasts, and academics can use Flowcode to develop systems for control and measurement based on microcontrollers or on rugged industrial interfaces using Windows-compatible perso...

  • Issue 312: EQ Answers 05 Nov '16, 10pm

    Question 1: What is the probably of a flip-flop with a uniformly-distributed asynchronous input going metastable? Answer 1: The probably that a flip-flop with a uniformly-distributed asynchronous input will go metastable is a function of how wide its “window of opportunity” (the sum o...

    1. Issue 316: EQ Answers 04 Nov '16, 4pm
  • The future of self-reconfiguring #robots

    Self-Reconfiguring Robotic Systems & M-Blocks 16 Nov '16, 5pm

    The creation of autonomous machines capable of shape-shifting has been a long-running dream of scientists and engineers. Our enthusiasm for these self-reconfiguring robots is fueled by fantastic science fiction blockbusters, but it stems from the potential that self-reconfiguring robo...

  • Issue 316: EQ Answers 04 Nov '16, 4pm

    Question 1: What is the second grid in a tetrode vacuum tube for? How about the third grid in a pentode? Answer 1: In a triode, there is a certain amount of capacitance between the control grid and the plate, which contributes to negative feedback and stability problems if there’s sig...

    1. Issue 312: EQ Answers 05 Nov '16, 10pm
  • Issue 276: EQ Answers 03 Nov '16, 7pm

    Note that continuous conduction mode includes the case in which synchronous (active) rectification is being used and the current through the coil is allowed to reverse direction when the output is lightly loaded. The output voltage in relation to the input voltage will still be define...

    1. Issue 290: EQ Answers 03 Nov '16, 7pm
  • Rewind: Making, hacking, and traveling! A "hacked" life!

    Mitch Altman—Maker, Hacker, Traveler | 09 Oct '16, 7pm

    ), hacker and traveler whose ideas will inspire many of us to join a hackerspace and get creative with the design community. Circuit Cellar recently met up with Altman at FabLab Berlin, Germany. Altman talks about hacking and presents a new synthesizer, which is a board with an Arduin...

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