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  • Vintage Programming Languages | Circuit Cellar how many have you programmed ? 6 for me

    Vintage Programming Languages 23 May '17, 1pm

    C is not the only vintage programming language, and playing with some others is definitively fun. This month, I’ll present several vintage languages and show you that each language has its pros and cons. Maybe you’ll find one of them helpful for a future project? I’m sure you won’t us...

  • Look back: FET drivers explained #microprocessor #LEDs

    FET Drivers (EE Tip #105) 26 May '17, 1am

    Modern microprocessors can deliver respectable currents from their I/O pins. Usually, they can source (i.e., deliver from the power supply) or sink (i.e., conduct to ground) up to 20 mA without any problems. This allows the direct drive of LEDs and even power FETs. It is sufficient to...

  • Future of temp-conpensated xtal oscillators

    The Future of Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillators 10 May '17, 1am

    Some high-precision applications require frequency versus temperature stabilities better than ±0.1 ppm. To meet these challenging specifications a different methodology is implemented. An oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) uses a heater circuit and thermal insulation to keep th...

  • "Powerful physical computing devices for control"

    Engineering "Moonshot" Projects 11 May '17, 1am

    In 2009, Andrew Meyer, an MIT-trained engineer and entrepreneur, co-founded LeafLabs, a Cambridge, MA-based R&D firm that designs “powerful physical computing devices for control and communication among smart machines (including humans).” We recently asked Andrew to tell us about his ...

  • Check this #hifi electronics lab for audio engineering! #maker

    Hi-Fi Audio Engineering Workspace 15 Apr '17, 7pm

    Jan Didden is a talented audio engineer and author with a well-stocked lab in Turnhout, Belgium. He recently gave us a tour of space and talked about his current audio design projects. This is an excellent place to work. It is a converted army barrack so, being an old army man myself,...

  • #3D Object Segmentation for #Robot Handling

    3-D Object Segmentation for Robot Handling 04 Apr '17, 8pm

    A commercial humanoid service robot needs to have capabilities to perform human-like tasks. One such task for a robot in a medical scenario would be to provide medicine to a patient. The robot would need to detect the medicine bottle and move its hand to the object to pick it up. The ...

  • Interview: Massimo Banzi, Codeveloper of #Arduino

    Interview: Massimo Banzi, Codeveloper of Arduino 21 Feb '17, 9pm

    development board has changed the way we look at working with electronics. All over the world, the little board has enabled millions of engineers, students, artists, and makers to get electronics projects up and going. We recently traveled to DotDotDot in Milan, Italy, to chat with Ar...

  • Simplify your project development with the ME Labs Standard D-Stick:

    D-Stick Simplifies Project Development 06 Mar '17, 5pm

    The ME Labs Standard D-Stick provides all the functionality of Microchip Technology’s 40-pin PIC16F1937 in a hardware module that includes a USB on-board programmer and virtual COM port. It’s a compact, easy-to-use alternative to connecting a serial port, programmer, and power supply ...

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