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  • @BU_ece student publishes essay on data center power & cost management #CircuitCellar @BU_tweets @BUCollegeofENG

    Data Center Power & Cost Management 25 Nov '14, 1pm

    Computers drive progress in today’s world. Both individuals and industry depends on a spectrum of computing tools. Data centers are at the heart of many computational processes from communication to scientific analysis. They also consume over 3% of total power in the United States, an...

  • Project: water heater by solar concentration #DIY #prepper

    RL78 Green Energy Challenge 16 Nov '14, 7pm

    This solar water heater is powered by the RL78 evaluation board and designed to deflect concentrated amounts of sunlight onto a water pipe for continual heating. The deflector, armed with a counterweight for easy tilting, automatically adjusts the angle of reflection for maximum solar...

  • DesignStellaris 2010 - Sponsored by Texas Instruments and 14 Nov '14, 7pm

    How far will your design take you? Home SPONSORS Texas Instruments Circuit Cellar Keil Wittenstein RESOURCES Datasheet Product Brief Firmware Honorable Mention MuDLi: Multipurpose Data Logger with Internet Connectivity Imrich Konkol Slovakia Abstract | Entry The multipurpose “MulDLI” ...

  • DesignStellaris 2010 - Sponsored by Texas Instruments and 27 Nov '14, 7pm

    How far will your design take you? Home SPONSORS Texas Instruments Circuit Cellar Keil Wittenstein RESOURCES Datasheet Product Brief Firmware Honorable Mention Hands-Free USB Mouse Stephan Lubbers United States Abstract | Entry The futuristic Hands-Free USB Mouse features a head-track...

  • Project: build a handheld PIC IDE @microchip

    The chipKIT™ Challenge 23 Nov '14, 7pm

    The Handheld PIC18 IDE is an autonomous system for creating, editing, and assembling source files for a Microchip Technology PIC18. Binary output of this process is programmed into a target PIC18 or is debugged at source level, called PP4. The hardware is simple. It consists of a user...

  • Project: Radio Telescope Controller

    Radio Telescope Controller Clayton Gumbrell 15 Nov '14, 7pm

    This controller is for a radio telescope that’s designed to observe the universe at the Hydrogen Line emission—a frequency of 1,420 MHz (21 cm wavelength). The radio telescope consists of a 1.7-m dish antenna mounted on a motorized azimuth/elevation mount. It is steerable in any direc...

  • WIZnet Connect the Magic 2014 Design Challenge Winners 26 Oct '14, 6pm

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing everything from consumer electronics to healthcare-related technology. It’s transforming how humans interact with electronic systems and the Internet, as well as advancing the ways machines connect with other machines. The leaders drivin...

  • "WIZ Security Network" collects info, generates alarms #IoT @Cisco_IoT

    WIZ Security Network Claudiu Chiculita 24 Oct '14, 6pm

    The WIZ Security Network project is a security system composed of multiple nodes. The nodes can collect and process information independently, generate alarms, and communicate with the others in order to examine the threats from multiple angles. Each node has a WIZnet W5500 network ch...

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