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  • Rewind: #prototyping tips for engineers #maker #womenintech

    Prototyping for Engineers (EE Tip #111) 11 Feb '16, 4am

    Prototyping is an essential part of engineering. Whether you’re working on a complicated embedded system or a simple blinking LED project, building a prototype can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run. You can choose one of three basic styles of prototyping: solde...

  • What do you know about the Industrial #IoT? Welcome to Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0: The Industrial IoT and the Future 09 Feb '16, 7pm

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. Industry 4.0 is becoming serious and many companies develop hardware and software solutions. Relayr is a company with an interesting focus on the IoT and bringing industry to the cloud. Wissa Hettinga interviewed Jaime Gonzalez-Arintero Berc...

  • #Analog filter essentials & how to design w/ tools like Analog's Filter Wizard

    Analog Filter Essentials 03 Feb '16, 5pm

    For a given filter performance, is it possible to build a passive analog filter with fewer parts than a multicell RC filter and with improved performance? Yes, you can use LC filters. Here the filter is made with capacitors and inductors, as illustrated in Figure 4 . How steep can be ...

  • DSP vs. RISC Processors (EE Tip #110) 06 Feb '16, 10pm

    There are a few fundamental differences between DSP and RISC processors. One difference has to do with arithmetic. In the analog domain, saturation, or clipping, isn’t recommended. But it generally comes with a design when, for example, an op-amp is driven high with an input signal. I...

  • Look back: Handy #PCB design guidelines

    PCB Design Guidelines (EE Tips #113) 06 Feb '16, 2am

    When compactness is not a major consideration and the boards will be assembled by hand, through-hole components are the better choice. In this case you can use the pins of these components as “vias.” On the other hand, surface-mount components can save a whole load of drilling on self...

  • Interview with #engineer Aubrey Kagnn, who wrote @microsoft #excel cookbook for #engineers

    Q&A: Aubrey Kagan (Engineer, Author) 25 Jan '16, 6pm

    AUBREY KAGAN: I live on the northern edge of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, that belies my accent, which the readers obviously cannot hear. I was born and grew up in “deepest, darkest Africa” just north of Rudyard Kipling’s “great gray-green, greasy Limpopo River” (see “How the El...

  • Did you miss this? Engineer Helen Li on embedded systems research #womenintech #STEM

    Q&A: Hai (Helen) Li (Academic, Embedded System Researcher) 22 Jan '16, 4am

    NAN: What were some of your most notable experiences working for Intel, Qualcomm, and Seagate? HELEN: The industrial working experience is very valuable to my whole career life. At Seagate, I led a design team on a test chip for emerging memory technologies. Communication and understa...

  • Q&A: Ayse Kivilcim Coskun (Engineer, BU) 24 Jan '16, 4am

    NAN: When did you first become interested in computer engineering? AYSE: I’ve been interested in electronics since high school and in science and physics since I was little. My undergraduate major was microelectronics engineering. I actually did not start studying computer engineering...

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