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  • Connector works at high pressure for oil and gas

    Connector works at high pressure for oil and gas

    electronicsweekly.com 20 Feb '17, 9am

    Called Vortex , the single-way connectors are designed for logging-while-drilling (LWD), measurement-while-drilling (LWD) and wire-line applications. With a mating boot and Hypertac hyperboloid contacts, they work at 200°C, 35,000PSI, 500gravity shock and 10gravity vibration while mat...

  • Room temperature transport of spin information achieved

    Room temperature transport of spin information achieved

    electronicsweekly.com 20 Feb '17, 8am

    Researchers at the Technical University of Munich, the Walther-Meißner-Institute (WMI) and Kyoto University have demonstrated the transport of spin information at room temperature. In their experiment, they demonstrated the production, transport and detection of electronic spins in th...

  • Apple buys face recognition firm

    Apple buys face recognition firm

    electronicsweekly.com 20 Feb '17, 2pm

    The expectation with the Facebook purchase was that it would match it to its vast library of people photos to create a mobile phone killer app which would enable your phone to identify people, It never happened because of privacy regulatory pressures in the US and Europe. Now, accordi...

  • Semcon enables smart wipers

    Semcon enables smart wipers

    electronicsweekly.com 20 Feb '17, 9am

    61% of US drivers feel uncomfortable when overtaking heavy vehicles in wet conditions, says Semcon. Half of these say it is because an encounter with or takeover of a heavy vehicle can result in a sudden splash of water on the windscreen, completely blocking the view of the driver, be...

  • Internet attacks more than double in a year

    Internet attacks more than double in a year

    electronicsweekly.com 16 Feb '17, 5pm

    It uses data gathered by its own software to analyse threats to cloud security and discover seasonal trends. “As we saw with the Mirai botnet attacks during the third quarter, unsecured IoT devices continued to drive significant DDoS attack traffic,” said report editor Martin McKeay. ...

  • Kaspersky warns on connected cars

    Kaspersky warns on connected cars

    electronicsweekly.com 17 Feb '17, 12pm

    “The main conclusion of our research is that, in their current state, applications for connected cars are not ready to withstand malware attacks,” says Kaspersky’s Victor Chebyshev, “thinking about the security of the connected car, one should not only consider the security of server-...

  • Internet makes design social, says Arrow

    electronicsweekly.com 15 Feb '17, 5am

    Internet-based services for professional engineering activities such as electronic product design are evolving every bit as quickly and radically as consumer-oriented online services. When we asked designers to name their most-needed online resources, the majority said datasheets were...

  • Ultra-portable spectrum analyser works with a tablet

    Ultra-portable spectrum analyser works with a tablet

    electronicsweekly.com 14 Feb '17, 3pm

    Anritsu has introduced an ultra-portable millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum analyser range. Called Spectrum Master MS2760A , the family includes variants that will work in 5G and E-band spectra. Behind the small size (155 x 84 x 27mm 255g) is Anritsu’s ‘shockline’ non-linear transmissi...


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