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  • Foundry to grow 9%, says IC Insights: The pure-play foundry market is expected to jump 9% this year, up from

    Foundry to grow 9%, says IC Insights

    electronicsweekly.com 24 Aug '16, 8am

    The pure-play foundry market is expected to jump 9% this year, up from 6% growth in 2015, says IC Insights. In 2014, the pure-play IC foundry market grew 17%, the largest increase since 2010 and eight points greater than the 9% increase in the worldwide IC market. In 2015, the pure-pl...

  • Linear led driver for automotive lights: For automotive leds arrays, Allegro MicroSystems Europe has announce...

    Linear led driver for automotive lights

    electronicsweekly.com 23 Aug '16, 2pm

    AEC-Q100 qualified A6274 and A6284 are pwm dimmable and include a driver circuit that can control an optional external p-channel mosfet which extends output power capability by dropping any voltage headroom not required for led regulation. “This eliminates the need for a dc-dc switchi...

  • Infineon enables NFC payment ring: Infineon has produced a chip to power an NFC payments ring which works lik...

    Infineon enables NFC payment ring

    electronicsweekly.com 23 Aug '16, 8am

    “Proximity payments based on NFC technology are clearly on the rise – and payment solutions with smart wearables will accelerate this trend,” says Infineon’s Thomas Rostek. The global standard EMVCo facilitates worldwide interoperability and acceptance of secure payment transactions. ...

  • Cambridge fund raises £75m: Cambridge Innovation Capital plc (CIC), the 13 year-old Cambridge University inve...

    Cambridge fund raises £75m

    electronicsweekly.com 22 Aug '16, 5am

    Cambridge Innovation Capital plc (CIC), the 13 year-old Cambridge University investment initiative, has raised £75 million of new capital giving it a total fund of £95 million to invest. CIC was founded by ARM and Lansdown Partners in 2003 with an initial capital of £50 million. With ...

  • Renesas may buy Intersil: Renesas is reported by the Nikkei to be buying Intersil for $3 billion, about $1 bi...

    Renesas may buy Intersil

    electronicsweekly.com 22 Aug '16, 6am

    The deal could be finalised in a couple of weeks. This weekend Renesas said that foreign acquisitions are one of the options it is considering. Intersil is not denying the reports, but not commenting on them either. Intersil’s shares are up 23% on the year.

  • Electronics for Kids is an Electronics Weekly featured gadget book! @ElectronicsNews

    Gadget Book: Electronics for Kids

    electronicsweekly.com 22 Aug '16, 4pm

    It “feeds youngsters’ natural curiosity about electronics through fun, hands-on projects, colourful illustrations, and beginner-friendly instructions,” say the publishers, No Starch Press. They write: Electronics for Kids continues the No Starch Press tradition of publishing smart boo...

  • On-chip error detection makes SoCs more reliable, says UltraSoC

    On-chip error detection makes SoCs more reliable, says UltraSoC

    electronicsweekly.com 21 Aug '16, 1am

    On-chip error detection makes SoCs more reliable, says UltraSoC The problem arises when designs use shared resources on the chip such as bus bandwidth and memory. For example, a processor can be waiting for a response from another sub-system via an on-chip bus such as AXI or OCP, but ...

    1. A PDP-11 On A Chip | Hackaday hackaday.com 22 Aug '16, 8pm
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum in production again after 30 years

    Sinclair ZX Spectrum in production again after 30 years

    electronicsweekly.com 21 Aug '16, 1am

    The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega is compatible with all ZX Spectrum software. It plugs into the composite video and audio connectors of a domestic television set, just like the original. Retro Computers is the company behind this particular nostalgia kick. One difference from the origina...


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