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  • Smart materials go under the spolight at Innovate UK

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 15 Dec '14, 11am

    Morphing metallics with this amount of functionality are still some way off. However, shape memory alloys do exist, though in real terms have had very little practical application. And this is the case for many smart materials that are broadly defined as having unusual and reactive pr...

  • Wing vibrations to power future aircraft?

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 12 Dec '14, 11am

    The work is part of a wider £1million project led by BAE Systems called En-come, which aims to develop aircraft that can stay in the air for longer periods of time without having to re-fuel. Principal investigator Professor Jianqiao Ye, of Lancaster University's Engineering Department...

  • Pete Baxter shares five tips for getting your design off the ground. Read via @EurekaMagazine

    Five tips for getting your design off the ground

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 04 Dec '14, 12pm

    Thanks to the advent of simple and affordable 3D design software, access to digital fabrication services and desktop 3D printers, we are seeing the rise of a global community of makers, where the home office is becoming the home factory. Below are some of our top tips for using the la...

    1. Tips for home automation IoT design edn.com 03 Dec '14, 8am
  • 3D printed bionic hand fitted to first patient

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 28 Oct '14, 11am

    The inventor, who was recently crowned Young Design Engineer of the Year at the 2014 British Engineering Excellence Awards , performed a world first by fitting Reading-based Daniel Melville with a 3D scanned and 3D printed, custom-fitted prosthetic socket and robotic hand. In just 20 ...

  • Engineering awards celebrate the best of British

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 12 Nov '14, 11am

    "I had to start a company as I'm disabled, I'm nearly blind," said Poon in his impromptu acceptance speech. "I had to keep busy, to occupy my mind, so I sketched out a system of how to design gearboxes that will be right first time." It is a design that is now deployed around the worl...

  • Bloodhound fitted with Eurofighter Typhoon engine

    Bloodhound fitted with Eurofighter Typhoon engine

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 10 Oct '14, 12pm

    Normally found powering a Eurofighter Typhoon, the EJ200 engine weighs one tonne and produces 20,000lbs of Thrust. It took eight hours for the build team to ensure it was fitted perfectly with the upper and lower chassis and the carbon composite air intake. Chief engineer Mark Chapman...

  • Rolls-Royce lands �3.2bn #Airbus deal - Eureka

    Rolls-Royce lands £3.2bn Airbus deal

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 29 Nov '14, 5am

    The 25 XWB engines and 25 Trent 7000 engines will power the Airbus A350 and Airbus A330neo aeroplanes respectively. Nat Pieper, vice president of Fleet Strategy and Transactions at Delta Air Lines, said: "We are pleased to be working closely with Rolls-Royce to power aircraft that wil...

  • Shell invests £1m in Tomorrow's Engineers programme

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 07 Nov '14, 11am

    The funding will be awarded over the next three years and will enable the programme to expand into over 500 new schools across the UK. Speaking at the launch of Tomorrow's Engineers Week, Erik Bonino, chairman of Shell UK, said: "When it comes to inspiring the next generation of great...


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