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  • .@tomfiddian laments perceived gap between #art and #science

    Science and art – not chalk and cheese

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 24 Oct '16, 3pm

    During the renaissance, before science and the arts had fully matured into the apparent polarising state at which they exist today, they coexisted naturally. Leonardo Da Vinci the ‘Renaissance Man’ was both the world’s greatest artist as well as the greatest scientist - unsurprisingly...

  • The potential of graphene for the composite market

    The potential of graphene for the composite market

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 27 Sep '16, 11am

    Graphene provides incredible strength at an ultra-light weight. The technology is already being used in various ways, such as in the manufacturing of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) composite road plates being used by utilities and infrastructure firms during necessary road works. Majo...

  • .@Airbus chief named among 2016 IET Achievement Award winners

    Airbus chief named among 2016 IET Achievement Award winners

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 21 Sep '16, 9am

    The Mensforth Manufacturing Medal will be awarded to Tom Williams, the COO of Airbus, for his achievements as a world-class production engineer. Williams started work as an engineering apprentice in 1972 and, after working across a range of manufacturing industries, is currently respo...

  • Airbus opens acoustic lab to study noise reduction

    Airbus opens acoustic lab to study noise reduction

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 23 Sep '16, 2pm

    “Noise is a highly sensitive topic,” explained Henning Scheel, co-leader of research at the acoustic lab. “Some noises are easy to ignore, even at high volumes. Others are deeply annoying.” The ZAL’s 8.5-metre-long fuselage demonstrator can be subjected to sound waves around its full ...

  • .@prodrive produces the lightest folding bike in the world

    Prodrive produces the lightest folding bike in the world

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 22 Sep '16, 8am

    The Hummingbird weighs 6.7kg, making it the lightest folding bike in the world, thanks mainly to its carbon frame, carbon forks and seat post.The frame was designed and is being manufactured by Prodrive Composites in Milton Keynes with further parts production and final assembly carri...

  • .@Onshape’s second major update in a month https://t.co/jKei6AYput

    Onshape’s second major update in a month

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 22 Sep '16, 10am

    One of the major added functionalities is support for multiple section planes, meaning users no longer have to preselect a planar face before activating the Section View tool. Three planar faces can now be selected to define a section, each with its own section view manipulator that c...

  • .@designcouncil Spark announces £200,000 funding for finalists https://t.co/x1Om6YF3C9

    Design Council Spark announces £200,000 funding for finalists

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 21 Sep '16, 12pm

    Nick Webb, Matt Sparrow and Matt Dyson (pictured) have answered the needs of sleep-deprived parents everywhere with Rockit, a portable rocker which attaches to any pushchair, pram, car seat or crib and simulates a gentle rocking motion to soothe babies to sleep. Peter Bailey’s TickleF...

  • Checking up on the UK's autonomous vehicle projects

    Autonomy in the UK

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 09 Sep '16, 11am

    Government timeline for the development of CAVs As part of the 2013 National Infrastructure Plan, the Government pledged a review of the legislative and regulatory framework to enable the trialling of driverless cars on UK roads. These plans were also announced in the 2013 Autumn Stat...


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