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  • Great news from last night! "More women than ever reach the finals of the Semta Skills Awards"

    More women than ever reach the finals of the Semta Skills Awards

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 11 Feb '16, 11am

    Ann Watson, CEO of Semta, said: “Women are under-represented in the industry so it is fantastic to see so many nominated and making it to the final. We need 800,000 engineers by 2020 and we will only get there if more women are inspired to take engineering up as a career.” The awards ...

  • Skills gap increases demand in #engineering graduates. #Engineeryourfuture

    Impending skills gap increases demand in engineering graduates

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 09 Feb '16, 10am

    The job board analysed the number of graduate jobs posted on its site during January 2016 and discovered 1,204 engineering jobs for graduates, more than any other sector. Last week, EngineeringUK released its ‘The State of Engineering’ report that praised the strength and growth of th...

  • QEPrize announces chair of its judging panel for 2017

    QEPrize announces chair of its judging panel for 2017

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 08 Feb '16, 4pm

    Sir Snowdon said: “I look forward very much to our work on the judging panel to find the next winning nomination.” The opening of nominations for the third QEPrize is scheduled for March 2016.Nominations will be accepted throughout the spring of 2016, with the winner(s) expected to be...

  • Northern Powerhouse powers on

    Northern Powerhouse powers on

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 10 Feb '16, 9am

    Manufacturing & Engineering North East is returning to Newcastle again in 2016 to support the industrial innovation of the region.This vibrant exhibition, workshops and conference will open its doors for two days on July 6-7th at the Radio Metro Arena, Newcastle. The inaugural Manufac...

  • #3Dprinting can be used to bypass tooling stages of production based upon #CAD drawings within days

    Producing tools in hours rather than weeks

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 07 Feb '16, 7pm

    Much of the cost associated with producing innovative products comes from the tooling and risks of manufacturing. Injection mould tools need to be, designed, developed and manufactured which is time consuming, labour intensive and expensive. Should adjustments need to be made it could...

  • .@mfg_moghal weighs in on the importance of communication in today's connected world of...

    “We need to talk” – Connecting the dots to agile manufacturing

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 01 Feb '16, 3pm

    Strong communication is the key to delivering agile manufacturing; something that is critical in the connected era. Here, I explore why manufacturers need to join the dots. Designing products in a volatile world Consumer demand for products is becoming increasingly unpredictable. They...

  • EngineeringUK reports strong engineering industry driving UK productivity

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 03 Feb '16, 9am

    The report states that engineering is 68% more productive than the retail and wholesale sector, with apprentices making a significant contribution. For every new job in engineering, two more are created outside of the sector and every £1 GVA generated in engineering generates £1.45 el...

  • The MIT designed passenger plane of the future

    The MIT designed passenger plane of the future

    eurekamagazine.co.uk 04 Feb '16, 8am

    The result is known as the D8 “Double Bubble” – a plane that will use 70% less fuel and meet the growing demand for air travel. It will also be safer, faster, and quieter than the current commercial airliners which crowd our runways. "Over the next 20 years, Boeing and Airbus combined...


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