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  • Digital Data from a Cheap Power Meter

    Digital Data from a Cheap Power Meter

    hackaday.com 22 Oct '14, 2am

    Power meters like the Kill-A-Watt are great for keeping track of energy usage, and are also very hackable. The Kill-a-Watt in particular puts out analog signals proportional to current and voltage, which makes it easy to interface with a microcontroller. Although reading analog voltag...

  • Take Your Samples for a Spin with the RWXBioFuge

    Take Your Samples for a Spin with the RWXBioFuge

    hackaday.com 21 Oct '14, 11pm

    We have a confession to make: we love centrifuges. We’ve used all shapes and sizes, for spinning bags of whole blood into separate components to extracting DNA, and everything in between. Unfortunately, these lab staples are too expensive for many DIY-biologists unless they buy them u...

  • The Hoverboard You Can Build At Home

    The Hoverboard You Can Build At Home

    hackaday.com 21 Oct '14, 4pm

    I’m really not sure about the responses there… There’s no way you can give a ‘universal’ power needed for straight levitation, because fundamentally, you don’t need any. It doesn’t cost energy to keep something 1 meter off the ground – your chair doesn’t need a battery. With magnetic ...

  • Retrotechtacular: Blue Collar, Red Nightmare

    Retrotechtacular: Blue Collar, Red Nightmare

    hackaday.com 21 Oct '14, 8pm

    “perpetrated” shows your ignorance of the death and depravity that was wrought on the Russian people by communism. It might not have the character development of Hunger Games or 50 Shades of Gray, but it tells people of the horror that killed 20,000,000+ Russian people. Stalin accompl...

  • Thinkpad 701c: Reverse Engineering a Retro Processor Upgrade

    Thinkpad 701c: Reverse Engineering a Retro Processor Upgrade

    hackaday.com 21 Oct '14, 11am

    [Noq2] has given his butterfly new wings with a CPU upgrade . Few laptops are as iconic as the IBM Thinkpad 701 series and its “butterfly” TrackWrite keyboard . So iconic in fact, that a 701c is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Being a 1995 vin...

  • What Is This, A Microcontroller Board For Ants?

    hackaday.com 21 Oct '14, 8am

    You youngins probably don’t remember this, but a few years ago there was an arms race on Kickstarter to create the smallest Arduino-compatible microcontroller board. Since then, a few people have realized they can make more money on Kickstarter through fraud or potato salad, and the r...

    1. Electric Bubblegum Board hackaday.com 20 Oct '14, 8am
  • High Altitude Balloon Keeps Going

    High Altitude Balloon Keeps Going

    hackaday.com 20 Oct '14, 5am

    Here’s a post from the AMSAT-UK high altitude balloon blog . It’s a great story about a balloon cruising at about 12km above the Earth completing its sixth circumnavigation of the planet . That post is from October 4th, and two weeks later the balloon is still going strong. Right now ...

  • Solid State Tesla Coil Plays Music

    Solid State Tesla Coil Plays Music

    hackaday.com 21 Oct '14, 2am

    If you’ve ever wanted to build a Tesla coil but found them to be prohibitively expensive and/or complicated, look no further! [Richard] has built a solid-state Tesla coil that has a minimum of parts and is relatively easy to build as well. This Tesla coil is built around an air-core t...


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