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13 hours ago ... About a year and a half ago, We launched the Hackaday retro edition, a small off- shoot of the main edition that is written in pure HTML, with no ...

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  • Rendering Fractals With Just HTML and CSS | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Jan '15, 6pm

    What’s better than spending hours and hours with CSS trying to get images and text to center properly? Not [Jim], but he did notice that CSS3 was a very powerful language. He wondered about building Tetris, a Turing Machine, or rendering fractals purely in CSS and HTML. The jury is st...

  • Using RC Transmitters With Flight Simulators | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Jan '15, 3pm

    It’s winter, and that means terrible weather and very few days where flying RC planes and helicopters is tolerable. [sjtrny] has been spending the season with RC flight simulators for some practice time. He had been using an old Xbox 360 controller, but that was really unsuitable for ...

  • CoreXY For a Dry Erase Plotter

    CoreXY For a Dry Erase Plotter | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 25 Jan '15, 6pm

    After years of playing DnD, it’s finally [Mike]’s turn to be a DM. Of course he can’t draw maps with his hands , so that means building a tabletop plotter . [Mike] is basing his tabletop game plotter on the Makelangelo , a polar plotter that draws images on a vertical platform with th...

  • The Proper Use for a Gameboy Advance Carrying Case

    The Proper Use for a Gameboy Advance Carrying Case | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Jan '15, 12pm

    About a decade ago, Nintendo released a Game Boy Advance carrying case in the shape of a Game Boy Advance. It was the obvious answer to the original brick Game Boy carrying case every eight year old had in 1990. This jumbo-sized Game Boy Advance case also makes a really good platform ...

  • ANUBIS, A Natural User Bot Interface System

    ANUBIS, A Natural User Bot Interface System | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Jan '15, 9am

    [Matt], [Andrew], [Noah], and [Tim] have a pretty interesting build for their capstone project at Ohio Northern University. They’re using a Microsoft Kinect, and a Leap Motion to create a natural user interface for controlling humanoid robots . The robot the team is using for this pro...

  • Hacking Your Coworkers Label Makers

    Hacking Your Coworkers Label Makers | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Jan '15, 3am

    Finally, a real hack! [PodeCoet] wrote in to tell us about a little fun he had recently in the workplace… He discovered the label makers everyone uses are all IP-enabled… and well, he took advantage of that. His long but utterly delightfully written blog post is actually a tutorial on...

  • Trinket uses RF to track you through the house | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 24 Jan '15, 6pm

    Eric here! By all means, you’re absolutely right. To really, accurately, measure the TOF I need a timer that has much higher resolution than what I’m using. Right now the project is clocking the timer at 16 mHz, although I can get up to around 60 with the micro; if I recall correctly ...

  • First CNC Project Results in Coffee Table of Catan

    First CNC Project Results in Coffee Table of Catan | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Jan '15, 6am

    [Christian Finklea] was inspired by a glow in the dark table, and decided to try his hand at making his own… and it’s absolutely fantastic. He designed the table using SketchUp Make , and overlaid the continents of our planet on a grid of hexagons — Though it looks like he left Antarc...


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