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  • Developed on Hackaday: Olivier’s Design Rundown

    hackaday.com 15 Apr '14, 9pm

    the main point of a removable master key storage is to always have it with you. If you have to get up and go the loo you can simply snatch out the card and take it with you. (In a corporate setting it’s not uncommon to enforce this, by making the secret storing smart card also act as ...

  • Extracting Gesture Information from Existing Wireless Signals

    Extracting Gesture Information from Existing Wireless Signals

    hackaday.com 15 Apr '14, 11am

    A team at the University of Washington recently developed Allsee , a simple gesture recognition device composed of very few components. Contrary to conventional Doppler modules (like this one ) that emit their own RF signal, Allsee uses already existing wireless signals (TV and RFID t...

  • Inkjet Transfers to Wood

    Inkjet Transfers to Wood

    hackaday.com 16 Apr '14, 8am

    You can’t feed a piece of wood through a stock inkjet printer, and if you could it’s likely the nature of the material would result in less than optimal prints. But [Steve Ramsey] has a tutorial on inkjet transfers to wood over on his YouTube Channel which is a simple two-step method ...

  • gr0undc0ntr0l - Filed under: major tom Read the rest

    hackaday.com 15 Apr '14, 7am

    April 15, 2014 By Ground Control 1 Comment Microcontroller Speech Synthesis Lets Your Project Be Heard R/C Rock Crawler Prepped to Become Stair Climbing Robot Humble Beginnings of a Pick and Place Machine DIY CD Autoloader DIY Airbag, explosions included

  • The Egg-Bot Gets A Little Wax Stabby: With Easter just around the corner, [Windell and Lenore] over at Evil M...

    The Egg-Bot Gets A Little Wax Stabby

    hackaday.com 15 Apr '14, 8am

    With Easter just around the corner, [Windell and Lenore] over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have come out with a new upgrade for their Egg-Bot. It’s called the Electro-Kistka and it allows your Egg-Bot to do wax-resist egg dying — in the same style as Ukranian Pysanky. This isn’t...

  • A 7″ Touchscreen TV Remote Control from Scratch: [Jason] always wanted a touchscreen TV remote control. He co...

    A 7″ Touchscreen TV Remote Control from Scratch

    hackaday.com 15 Apr '14, 2am

    [Jason] always wanted a touchscreen TV remote control. He could have pressed an older Android tablet into service, but he wanted to roll his own system. [Jason] gathered the parts, and is in the process of building his own 7″ touchscreen setup . He started with a 7″ LCD capacitive tou...

  • Frozen Instruments Played at Swedish Music Festival

    Frozen Instruments Played at Swedish Music Festival

    hackaday.com 16 Apr '14, 2am

    [Tim Linhart] wanted to do something different for this Swedish music festival — so he decided to carve all the instruments by hand, out of ice. The festival consists of seven bands playing very different musical styles, with over 40 concerts occurring during the festival. [Tim Linhar...

  • Robots having sex? That's so 9 years ago... cc:@hackaday @jmstriegel @mashable

    sex bots

    hackaday.com 15 Apr '14, 3am

    Going back 2 comments, I think that it should be addressed that Dogs are all the same species, allowing them to spawn viable offspring, hence the definition of separate species. If you wanted to reaaaallly get some results, what you would do would be to allow for speciation by allowin...


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