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13 hours ago ... About a year and a half ago, We launched the Hackaday retro edition, a small off- shoot of the main edition that is written in pure HTML, with no ...

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  • Adam Savage’s First Order of Retrievability Tool Boxes

    Adam Savage’s First Order of Retrievability Tool Boxes | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Feb '15, 9am

    Let’s face it, we’re all a bit obsessed with tools. Whether it’s an oscilloscope or a screwdriver, having just the right tool can be the difference between loving what you are doing, or dreading it. But oddly enough, not much is talked about tool organization. We tend to think that ho...

  • Hacklet 36 – Oscilloscope Projects

    Hacklet 36 – Oscilloscope Projects | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 27 Feb '15, 6pm

    Oscilloscopes are one of the most often used tools of the engineer, hacker, or maker. Voltmeters can do a lot, but when you really need to get a good look at a signal, a good scope is invaluable. This week’s hacklet is triggered by the rising slope of some of the best Oscilloscope pro...

  • DSP 01: Real, Legit Audiophile Goodness

    DSP 01: Real, Legit Audiophile Goodness | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Feb '15, 6am

    About six months ago, we saw [tshen2]’s work on the DSP 01, a 2-input, 6-output DSP and crossover for extreme audiophiles, and we’re not talking about oxygen free rooms here. The DSP 01 turns a USB audio output into six outputs that will give you perfectly flat eq across bass, mids, a...

  • Stumbling Upon an Uber Vulnerability

    Stumbling Upon an Uber Vulnerability | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Feb '15, 3am

    [Nathan] is a mobile application developer. He was recently debugging one of his new applications when he stumbled into an interesting security vulnerability while running a program called Charles. Charles is a web proxy that allows you to monitor and analyze the web traffic between y...

  • 3D Printed Fish Feeder | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 27 Feb '15, 9pm

    [Helios Labs] recently published version two of their 3D printed fish feeder . The system is designed to feed their fish twice a day. The design consists of nine separate STL files and can be mounted to a planter hanging above a fish tank in an aquaponics system. It probably wouldn’t ...

  • Dogless Dog Sleigh Is Perfect for your Winter Commute

    Dogless Dog Sleigh Is Perfect for your Winter Commute | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 26 Feb '15, 3pm

    It’s a wee bit cold in Finland right now. And while dog sledding is always an option (though mostly for tourists), one gentleman who goes by [Jibjorkl] on YouTube decided to try making his own motorized sleigh — and it’s freaking awesome. Unfortunately our Finnish language skills aren...

  • Custom Case Made Entirely Out of PCBs

    Custom Case Made Entirely Out of PCBs | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 27 Feb '15, 3pm

    So you’ve finished your project. You’ve got a wonderful circuit, a beautiful PCB, and everything works perfectly. You’re done right? Well, maybe not. Sure, a bare PCB might be fine for a dev board, but what if you have a LCD to mount, a knob that needs turning, and buttons that need p...

  • ChipWhisperer Hits Kickstarter

    ChipWhisperer Hits Kickstarter | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 28 Feb '15, 12am

    Even the most well designed crypto algorithms can be broken if someone is smart enough to connect an oscilloscope to a processor. Over the last 15 years or so, an entire domain of embedded security has cropped up around the techniques of power and side channel analysis. The tools are ...


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