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  • $1k in Components Hit the Hands of Hackaday Prize Semifinalists

    $50k in Components Hit the Hands of Hackaday Prize Semifinalists | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 22 Dec '14, 4pm

    We anticipate a cornucopia of hacks from the top fifty 2014 Hackaday Prize entrants based on the recent awarding of the 50 grab bags of electronics. That’s right, the grand prize was out of this world but there were a lot of other rewards worth shooting for. Instead of making hardware...

  • Micro Tesla Coil makes a Perfect Stocking Stuffer

    Micro Tesla Coil makes a Perfect Stocking Stuffer | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 22 Dec '14, 9pm

    Tesla coils are always a hit around here at the office. Giant ones that play music with modern-day chain mail wearing DJ’s, ones thrown together in garages by self-proclaimed mad scientists… But have you ever seen one that can fit in the palm of your hand? [Ludic Science] just release...

  • The Heathkit Mystery | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 22 Dec '14, 6pm

    The concept of building your own gear, similar to mass-market stuff (TV sets, radios, audio components, etc.), made sense back in the days of through hole designs. The money saved in the cost of assembly labor was enough to cover a bit of extra cost in developing the manuals, and walk...

  • Sheet Music to MIDI Converter

    Sheet Music to MIDI Converter | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 22 Dec '14, 9am

    Learning to read sheet music is a challenge for new musicians, so a group of Cornell students decided to make a robot do it instead. For their final project, they built a robotic sheet music reader (link warning: this page seems to automatically start a .mov file download when loaded)...

  • World’s First Smart Snowboard Changes Music According To Your Actions

    World’s First Smart Snowboard Changes Music According To Your Actions | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 21 Dec '14, 9am

    Ever wanted a soundtrack to your life? For a couple of minutes at a time, Signal Snowboards creates that experience with a smart snowboard that varies your music depending on the tricks you perform on your way down the mountain. The sign on the door says “School For Gifted Hackers”. I...

  • iRobot Releases Hackable Roomba — Without The Vacuum

    iRobot Releases Hackable Roomba — Without The Vacuum | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 22 Dec '14, 3am

    We love forward thinking companies that take a risk and do something different. iRobot, the company behind the iconic Roomba, just released the newest version of their Roomba Create — a programmable Roomba (minus the vacuum) that can be hacked and programmed to do all sorts of things....

  • Green-Sweep for Your Ultrasonic Rangefinder

    Green-Sweep for Your Ultrasonic Rangefinder | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 22 Dec '14, 3pm

    Maybe you’ve never programmed an Arduino before. Or maybe you have, but nothing beyond das blinkenlights. Maybe your soldering iron sits in a corner of your garage, gazing at you reproachfully every time you walk by, like a ball begging to be thrown. Maybe you’ve made a few nifty proj...

  • A Year Long Time Lapse Camera

    A Year Long Time Lapse Camera | Hackaday

    hackaday.com 22 Dec '14, 12pm

    All [val3tra] wanted was an RF-accessible camera. A camera that would take pictures, save them to an SD card, and occasionally send them over an RF link to a computer. This project has grown out of control , and now it has become an open-source camera that’s able to take year-long tim...


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