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  • HuddleLamp turns Multiple Tablets into Single Desktop

    HuddleLamp turns Multiple Tablets into Single Desktop

    hackaday.com 24 Oct '14, 8am

    Imagine you’ve got a bunch of people sitting around a table with their various mobile display devices, and you want these devices to act together. Maybe you’d like them to be peepholes into a single larger display, revealing different sections of the display as you move them around th...

  • Watch That Windows Update: FTDI Drivers Are Killing Fake Chips

    hackaday.com 22 Oct '14, 5pm

    No, you’re wrong. I work in a hospital. In our Intensive Care units, critical life-support equipment is run by Windows PCs via USB connections. A failed chip means the life-support stops working. Since there ARE occasional failures, we could handle one. But if the whole unit’s stuff s...

  • A Complete C64 System, Emulated on an STM32

    A Complete C64 System, Emulated on an STM32

    hackaday.com 24 Oct '14, 5am

    The Commodore 64 is the worlds bestselling computer, and we’re pretty sure most programmers and engineers above a certain age owe at least some of their career to this brown/beige keyboard that’s also a computer. These engineers are all grown up now, and it’s about time for a few rema...

  • Another Internet of Things Board (But This One Has Lisp))

    Another Internet of Things Board (But This One Has Lisp))

    hackaday.com 23 Oct '14, 11pm

    Using routers as dev boards has been a long and cherished tradition in the circles we frequent, and finally design houses in China are taking notice. There have been a few ‘Internet of Things’ boards in recent months that have taken the SoC found in low-end routers, packaged the on a ...

  • I Love the Smell of Rocket Candy in the Morning

    I Love the Smell of Rocket Candy in the Morning

    hackaday.com 23 Oct '14, 8pm

    “You probably won’t want to use this blender for food after it’s been full of KNO3-based stump remover.” KNO3 is just saltpeter. Once thought to be an anti-aphrodisiac, and supposedly added to sailors’ food for that purpose. Still used for curing meat (aka “nitrates”), and is responsi...

  • Fail of the Week: Project Frosty Mug is Merely Chilly

    Fail of the Week: Project Frosty Mug is Merely Chilly

    hackaday.com 23 Oct '14, 2pm

    I’ve “hot rodded” several TEC mini fridges and coolers. Most of them are built rather poorly. The TEC contact surfaces of the sinks tend to be rather rough and often there’s far too much thermal compound applied. Smoothing the sinks with a flat file and applying just enough compound t...

  • Hackaday Retro Edition: A 286 on the Internet

    hackaday.com 23 Oct '14, 8am

    Right here. http://www.hpcfactor.com/downloads/msie/ie50/ Get it with the TCP/IP stack. If on dialup, get the dialer too. There were two different versions of Windows with the 3.11 number. Windows For Workgroups 3.11 only worked in 386 Enhanced mode, thus required at least an 80386CPU...

  • Turning the DEFCON Badge Into a Bitcoin Miner

    Turning the DEFCON Badge Into a Bitcoin Miner

    hackaday.com 23 Oct '14, 11am

    The DEFCON badge this year was an impressive piece of hardware, complete with mind-bending puzzles, cap sense buttons, LEDs, and of course a Parallax Propeller. [mike] thought a chip as cool as the Propeller should be put to better use than just sitting around until next year so he tu...


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