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  • Reverse Engineering the D-Link WPS Pin Algorithm

    Reverse Engineering the D-Link WPS Pin Algorithm

    hackaday.com 31 Oct '14, 8pm

    A router with WPS requires a PIN to allow other devices to connect, and this PIN should be unique to every router and not derived from other easily accessible data found on the router. When [Craig] took a look at the firmware of a D-Link DIR-810L 802.11ac router, he found exactly the ...

  • Improving the Parallax Propeller in an FPGA

    hackaday.com 31 Oct '14, 2am

    Actually, [Sylwester]‘s special features in his git repository at the “right here” link above will only work on the BeMicro CV at this time. As [Sylwester] mentions on his website, I manage a Github repository at https://github.com/jacgoudsmit/P8X32A_Emulation where I track various ch...

  • Dual-mode Avalanche and RF Random Number Generator

    hackaday.com 31 Oct '14, 2pm

    [Paul] designed a new open-hardware RNG (random number generator) that includes two sources of entropy in a small package. The first source of entropy is a typical avalanche diode circuit, which is formed by a pair of transistors. This circuit creates high-speed random pulses which ar...

  • Raspberry Pi Brings New Life to Some Old Dinosaurs

    Raspberry Pi Brings New Life to Some Old Dinosaurs

    hackaday.com 31 Oct '14, 11am

    Before the group arrived, the native dinos didn’t do much else than run a preprogrammed routine when triggered by someone’s presence… which needless to say, lacks the appropriate prehistoric dynamism. Seeing that their dated wag, wiggle, and roar response could use a fresh breath of f...

  • Push Button, Receive Candy (or Death)

    Push Button, Receive Candy (or Death)

    hackaday.com 31 Oct '14, 5am

    Okay, so it only dispenses candy for now. [Ben] hasn’t quite worked the kinks out of his death ray. He designed it to sit behind a porch-facing window so it can’t be messed with. All trick-or-treaters can do is push the button and take the candy. It’s built around a cereal dispenser t...

  • A Better Anonabox with the Beaglebone Black

    A Better Anonabox with the Beaglebone Black

    hackaday.com 31 Oct '14, 8am

    A few weeks ago, Anonabox, the ill-conceived router with custom firmware that would protect you from ‘hackers’ and ‘legitimate governments’ drew the ire of tech media. It was discovered that this was simply an off-the-shelf router with an installation of OpenWrt, and the single common...

  • Piezo Vacuum Pump for Lightweight Pick and Place

    Piezo Vacuum Pump for Lightweight Pick and Place

    hackaday.com 30 Oct '14, 8pm

    If you’re building a pick and place machine, or even just a vacuum pen, you’ll need some way to pick up tiny part. This means something that sucks, aquarium tubing, and everything that goes with that. A few months ago, [Wayne] found an interesting device called a Micro Blower that wil...

  • Reverse Engineering a Blu-ray Drive for Laser Graffiti

    hackaday.com 30 Oct '14, 2pm

    There’s a whole lot of interesting mechanics, optics, and electronics inside a Blu-ray drive, and [scanlime] a.k.a. [Micah Scott] thinks those bits can be reused for some interesting project. [Micah] is reverse engineering one of these drives , with the goal of turning it into a sourc...


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