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  • Speedy Drinkmaker Keeps Party Guests Hydrated

    Speedy Drinkmaker Keeps Party Guests Hydrated

    hackaday.com 20 Aug '14, 5pm

    After five weekends of work, [Alex] completed his automatic drink maker, the RumBot . What makes this automated bartender different from others is the fact that it is fast. VERY fast. It can serve drinks to five different locations in as little as 3 seconds per drink. By [Alex]‘s esti...

  • Hands Free Recording – Looks Silly but is Super Effective

    Hands Free Recording – Looks Silly but is Super Effective

    hackaday.com 20 Aug '14, 5am

    That’s what inspired [Hans de Bruin] to make these camera goggles. He’s using those big old school safety glasses that you can remove the glass lenses from. From there he traced the outline and 3D printed an adapter that would fit snugly in the glasses while holding up a video camera ...

  • Lost PLA Casting With a Little Help From Your Microwave

    hackaday.com 20 Aug '14, 11am

    It might also be necessary to avoid: 1) Any situation where there are two pieces of a metal separated by an air gap, small enough that the induced voltage can arc across it. (This includes the microwave’s housing.) 2) Melting of thin metal pieces, leading to #1. Flames/arcs, especiall...

  • Open Source GPU Released

    hackaday.com 19 Aug '14, 2pm

    Nearly a year ago, an extremely interesting project hit Kickstarter: an open source GPU, written for an FPGA. For reasons that are obvious in retrospect, the GPL-GPU Kickstarter was not funded, but that doesn’t mean these developers don’t believe in what they’re doing. The first versi...

  • The ChipWhisperer At Defcon

    hackaday.com 20 Aug '14, 8am

    The ChipWhisperer is a security and research platform for embedded devices that exploits the fact that all security measures must run on real hardware. If you glitch a clock when a microcontroller is processing an instruction, there’s a good probability something will go wrong. If you...

  • Developed On Hackaday: Beta Testers And Automated Testing

    Developed On Hackaday: Beta Testers And Automated Testing

    hackaday.com 19 Aug '14, 11am

    Today we’re more than happy to report that all of our 20 beta testers started actively testing our device as they received the v0.1 hex file from the development team. Some of them had actually already started a few days before, as they didn’t mind compiling our source files located o...

  • Faucet Add-On Attempts to Save Water by Changing Colors

    Faucet Add-On Attempts to Save Water by Changing Colors

    hackaday.com 19 Aug '14, 11pm

    Faucet Add-On Attempts to Save Water by Changing Colors August 19, 2014 By Matt Terndrup 8 Comments This augmented water device was rapidly developed during an H2O hackathon in Lausanne, Switzerland . It was built by a software engineer code-named [tamberg]. His creation contained an ...

  • The Most Basic BASIC Computer

    The Most Basic BASIC Computer

    hackaday.com 19 Aug '14, 8am

    AVR microcontrollers can do pretty much anything nowadays. Blinking LEDs, handling sensor inputs, engine control modules, and now, thanks to [Dan], a small single chip BASIC computer with only ten parts (and four of them are capacitors). [Dan]‘s homebrew computer has it all. The ATmeg...


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