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1 day ago ... SparkFun is an online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible.


  • Edison SIK Giveaway - News 08 Feb '16, 4pm

    This week we’ve got a whole passel of Edison treats for you prior to Thursday’s release – new products, an awesome Edison-based IoT project, and a compilation of some of our favorite Edison resources – but we’re starting it off with a giveaway! When Intel launched its Edison board, we...

  • Enginursday: COSMOS - News 06 Feb '16, 10am

    COSMOS is an awesome tool set, with lots of applications for the build and test of embedded products as well as for IoT command and control. I could see the clever folks at SparkFun using this with those killer pogo pin test fixtures they make- as part of an automated test facility th...

  • BEHOLD: The new Simblee line, designed to make your next embedded BLE project easier than ever.

    Friday Product Post: Simply Simblee! - News 05 Feb '16, 4pm

    SparkFun Simblee BLE Breakout board . This breakout is a programmable board that allows you to add mobile app functionality via Bluetooth Low Energy to your embedded projects. You get access to all the Simblee pins (with the module end compatible with RFDuino/Simblee shields!) as well...

  • Enginursday: First Impressions of the ESP32 - News - SparkFun Electronics

    Enginursday: First Impressions of the ESP32 - News 21 Jan '16, 3pm

    After installing a GCC compiler for the ESP32, you may want to set up a development environment around the toolchain. Again, Espressif’s ESP32 SDK readme has some good information to help get you started. The Windows development kit I linked to above can be plugged into Eclipse , if y...

  • Friday Product Post: BatonRouge

    Friday Product Post: BatonRouge - News 29 Jan '16, 5pm

    as a fun and interactive way for people to learn about soldering and engage with SparkFun products at the multiple trade shows we attended. In 2016 we have refined the BadgerStick into what you see here, the SparkFun RedStick : a minimized, Arduino-compatible, development platform wit...

  • Qduino Mini - DEV-13614 08 Jan '16, 4pm

    Quin has provided sample code that shows how to query the battery voltage and display it on the USER LED. The drivers and example code work easiest using one of the last few versions of the Arduino IDE. You can manually download the files from GitHub and install them too, but I won’t ...

  • User-created project images now showing up on @sparkfun, thanks to @hacksterio!

    and - News 11 Jan '16, 5pm

    The main aspect of the integration we hope our customers enjoy is the project connection functionality. SparkFun is currently pulling images from projects that leverage our products; these images will be displayed on our main product page. Now people who make great projects have the o...

  • Friday Product Post: Photon Phriday - News 15 Jan '16, 3pm

    Hey there, everyone! We have kind of a small week this week when it comes to new products. As some of you may know today is Inventory Day here at SparkFun. What this means is that every person in the building is currently counting every piece of stock we have. Yup, we are counting rig...

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