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  • IN n’ OUT: Annual Council Diary, October 6

    spectrummagazine.org 07 Oct '17, 1pm

    For those interested in establishing a UCI, Jeff Scoggins detailed the new process, which he said they would be tweaking to make it work. Research comes first, and is being newly emphasized in the choosing of a city or region with few or no Adventists. That idea is then to be shared w...

  • Don't Shoot the Message

    spectrummagazine.org 07 Oct '17, 2pm

    The people in Babylon were given the command to worship the idol that King Nebuchadnezzar had erected on that plain, and when I see the events that are taking place, when the loss of human life is not worth as much outrage and anger as perceived disrespect to a piece of cloth draped o...

  • The Reason

    spectrummagazine.org 30 Sep '17, 11am

    The movements in Christianity today (both right and left) that seek to use the Bible as the roadmap for the political policy of our nation do a great disservice to our faith. I believe, as most Christians do, that God wants us to live a certain way and follow certain rules. However, I...

  • Michigan Conference Brandishes the Sword of Authority

    spectrummagazine.org 21 Sep '17, 7pm

    When this became public and the Adventist “world” began decrying the callous refusal to allow the choir to perform, the conference issued a memo justifying their action and casting LSU and its student choir as “promoters of faith destroying evolution.” At the same time they compared t...

  • Toward a Theology of Unity

    spectrummagazine.org 23 Sep '17, 12pm

    Verses 4-6 of the fourth chapter set forth the essential elements of unity in the church: one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God over all. Here we find that theological unity is clearly an aspect of this oneness. The New Testament presents different perspectives. Witn...

  • An Earthly Experience of a Heavenly Event

    spectrummagazine.org 26 Aug '17, 2pm

    It is the day before the great event. Our granddaughter is lamenting that, for her, two once-in-a-lifetime events will fall on the same day: her first day of college and the total solar eclipse. My son and I are enjoying spending part of the afternoon working together setting up equip...

  • Dear God, I Am Angry! A Prayer from the Charlottesville Seventh-day Adventist Church

    Dear God, I Am Angry! A Prayer from the Charlottesville Seventh-day Adventist Church

    spectrummagazine.org 19 Aug '17, 12pm

    I have lived in this area 54 of my 55 years. I am very happy to say that C’ville SDA church has long been an inclusive community. I learned to appreciate God’s love of diversity at this church. As a child in the early 1970s, our church school here in Charlottesville was integrated whe...

  • A recap of Sabbath at the #GAiN17 Conference by our managing editor @AWWritesStories:

    GAiN Conference Day 4 - Sabbath

    spectrummagazine.org 13 Aug '17, 8pm

    I heard a rumor earlier in the week that a herd of capybara spend their mornings sunbathing at the pond across the street from my hotel. So on Sabbath morning a newfound GAiN friend and I trekked around the pond, enjoying the numerous birds and flowering trees along the path. And then...