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  • Chico, Evangelical Christians, and the so-called "sin" of homosexuality.

    Chico, Evangelical Christians, and the So-called "Sin" of Homosexuality

    spectrummagazine.org 25 Feb '17, 12am

    I see a troubling trend in the Evangelical Christian community that I'd like to address. What much of Evangelical Christianity focuses on and what they are willing to overlook doesn’t seem in any way reflective of the character of Christ. Evangelicals seem to focus on two offenses to ...

  • How repealing the Johnson Amendment harms religious liberty.

    How Repealing The Johnson Amendment Harms Religious Liberty

    spectrummagazine.org 15 Feb '17, 8pm

    Churches can invite a candidate to speak at their local church if it invites the opposing candidate; and ministries, houses of worship, denominations and religious individuals can speak out on the moral and spiritual issues of the day, including getting involved in ballot referenda. B...

  • What does it mean to 'get ready' for Jesus' return? @pastor_purple discusses.

    The Watchful Manager

    spectrummagazine.org 18 Feb '17, 8am

    Recent parallel and polarizing events in Europe and America have led to a rapid increase in urgency of claims that “We are in the last days!” and “Jesus is coming soon, we must get ready!” Breaking News! Jesus has been coming soon for two thousand years, we should have been getting re...

  • Exclusive: Renowned vocalist @WintleyPhipps shares his story.

    Wintley Phipps Tells His Story

    spectrummagazine.org 23 Jan '17, 11pm

    While in the Capitol I felt a a tap on my shoulder and was told that the Speaker of the House wanted to see me. I was taken to an office and then Newt Gingrich walked in. He told me that my music had touched his life. He said he wanted to make a difference in the lives of America’s yo...

  • .@AndrewsUniv issued a response to #Trump's #MuslimBan. Read the full statement here:

    Andrews University Responds to Trump’s Immigration Orders

    spectrummagazine.org 29 Jan '17, 11pm

    The following message was sent to the Andrews University campus via email and posted to the University’s homepage on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017: Dear campus community, You are probably aware of the executive order signed over the weekend by the U.S. President that impacts international tra...

  • Pastor Darnisha Thomas reflects on what it means to worship authentically.

    Inside Out Worship

    spectrummagazine.org 11 Feb '17, 3pm

    As a minister, one of the questions that tend to flutter through my mind is the credibility of my worship, public and private. I am wondering if what I call to be an act of worship reflects my personal worship experience. Lately, I am beginning to realize the importance of having an a...

  • Feminism and why the #Adventist Church needs it.

    Feminism and Why Adventism Needs It

    spectrummagazine.org 30 Jan '17, 9pm

    Feminism existed before the women’s liberation movement in 1960s America, and it’s likely to be around for a good while. It has been many different things at different times, to different people. It’s only natural that things get a little complicated as a movement gains size and momen...

  • Union Conference Presidents Declare the Basis for Their Unity

    Union Conference Presidents Declare the Basis for Their Unity

    spectrummagazine.org 27 Jan '17, 11pm

    When the union conference presidents were summoned to a meeting at the General Conference on January 19 to discuss the governance issue surrounding women’s ordination, they spoke in a united voice of their support of women’s ordination while acknowledging “a significant minority of me...