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  • On Ordination: Why Cultural Accommodation Was Never The Answer

    On Ordination: Why Cultural Accommodation Was Never The Answer

    spectrummagazine.org 19 Jan '17, 12am

    If the Adventist Church had a policy that denied ordination to people of certain ethnicities would we allow that policy to stand? The simple and unequivocal answer is “no.” So why are we comfortable allowing discrimination against women? One might expect a critique of General Conferen...

  • Michael Chamberlain, #Adventist pastor who lost daughter to a dingo, dies at age 72.

    Michael Chamberlain, Who Lost Daughter to a Dingo, Dies at 72

    spectrummagazine.org 13 Jan '17, 10pm

    Michael Chamberlain, a former Seventh-day Adventist pastor who with his then wife Lindy waged a decades-long battle to prove their baby daughter Azaria was killed by a dingo, died from acute leukaemia January 9. He was 72. In 1980, Lindy was charged with the murder of the couple’s dau...

  • Book Review: The Dusty Ones

    Book Review: The Dusty Ones

    spectrummagazine.org 14 Jan '17, 1pm

    Why Wandering Deepens Your Faith Christianity is in a transition, at least in North America. Some fear that the faith once delivered to the saints is being watered down with cheap grace, or corrupted by bad doctrine. Any given week you can find some preacher on the internet declaiming...

  • Dr. Sandra Roberts is Spectrum Magazine's 2016 Adventist Person of the Year

    spectrummagazine.org 29 Dec '16, 10pm

    Southeastern California Conference President Dr. Sandra E. Roberts has been named Spectrum Magazine's 2016 Adventist Person of the Year. Roberts bested a field of ten candidates selected by Spectrum editors. In online voting spanning seven days, she received 23% of the vote ahead of N...

  • #Adventist institution - La Sierra University - tops Wall Street Journal list of diverse schools.

    Wall Street Journal Names La Sierra University Most Diverse in Region, Nation

    spectrummagazine.org 08 Dec '16, 7pm

    The recent WSJ/THE publication shows La Sierra in the number one spot regionally for “Top Schools for Environment,” an additional recognition to its number one national score in the same category in the WSJ/THE “U.S. College Rankings” published September 28. In the western region, La ...

  • Physician-theologian Sigve Tonstad triest to make sense of God in the 21st Century.

    Sigve Tonstad: Making Sense of God in the 21st Century

    spectrummagazine.org 16 Dec '16, 11pm

    Adventists may hold to something quite close to verbal inspiration in practice, but this has never been our theory, and it would be a bad theory if we were to adopt it. I have never believed in verbal inspiration like Ehrman did. The term "higher criticism" is a term that now mostly s...

  • Steve @AllredEsq compares a 1980s schism within the #Adventist Church to a growing schism now.

    Schisms Then and Now

    spectrummagazine.org 30 Nov '16, 6pm

    Fast-forward to 2016. Another schism is taking place in Adventism. This time, the divide is not between self-supporting ministries and the organized church but within the denomination itself. Some of the union conferences have chosen to allow the ordination of female pastors. They hav...

  • Spectrum's managing editor @wrightus reflects on @hacksawridge and what it means for Adventism.

    People of Peace in a World that Wants Us to Fight

    spectrummagazine.org 04 Dec '16, 12am

    My three-year-old son found the first booklet on a bench outside our local theater. Then, excitedly, he discovered another one on the next bench over. He kept going. On each bench at our shopping center, someone had dropped paperback copies of “The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge” by Booton Her...