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  • SNUG DCE 21 Mar '14, 6pm

    Wrap up your first day at SNUG Silicon Valley by relaxing with colleagues and Synopsys technical and executive staff. Grab a beverage and sample the food. Visit with Synopsys and over 60 of our partners, spanning 7 designer communities, who will demonstrate integrated solutions to hel...

  • Global Volunteer Week 2014 20 Mar '14, 6pm

    Overview Schools and community organizations are invited to apply for the opportunity to be selected as the recipient of Synopsys’ Global Volunteer Week service project where employees, their families, and community members spend the day transforming an important community resource in...

  • Great article! "Understanding HDMI 2.0 – Enabling the Ultra-HD Experience" | by @Synopsys |

    Understanding HDMI 2.0: Enabling the Ultra-High Definition Experience 18 Nov '13, 12pm

    The number of bits required to represent the color information for a group of four pixels now halves from 96 (4 x 24) to 48 (4 x 8 for yellow, 8 for red and 8 for blue). This bit reduction requires half the bandwidth to implement and in terms of quality the difference is imperceptible...

  • CEO Hossein Yassaie's #SNUG presentation: "From crystal ball to reality: The impact of silicon IP on SoC Design"

    From Crystal Ball to Reality - The Impact of Silicon IP on SoC Design 15 Apr '13, 4pm

    From Crystal Ball to Reality — The Impact of Silicon IP on SoC Design SoCs have transformed the semiconductor and electronics industries, integrating staggering breadth of functionality and performance into highly cost-effective, low power but complex single-chip solution platforms. H...

  • Synopsys' expertise in wireless communications applications can help bring your SoCs to market - @DesignWare_IP

    Data Converter IP for Wireless Communications Applications 12 Apr '13, 10pm

    DesignWare® Data Converter IP solutions can help you bring your wireless communications SoCs to market. Synopsys solutions for the baseband analog interface (AFE) is based on state-of-the-art data converter and PLL building blocks that will help you meet your specific application's re...

  • Synopsys and ARM Symposiums 12 Mar '13, 5pm

    Please join Synopsys and ARM for a free 1-day seminar focused on prototyping and verification best practices and methodologies targeting ARM processor-based SoCs. This seminar is intended for project leaders and technical managers and includes two parallel tracks: One dedicated to sof...

  • Proceedings by Topics 26 Jan '13, 11am

    High-Level Block Design Rapidly create and optimize differentiated IP blocks with Algorithm Design and Analysis , High-Level Synthesis , and Processor Development Virtual Prototyping Accelerate pre-RTL embedded software development, hardware/software integration, and system validation...

  • Missed Aart's SNUG SV keynote about the catalysts for designing change? Hear/see it here : #snps #SemiEDA

    SNUG 2012 Keynote - Critical Mass, Systemic Complexity and Innovation 17 Apr '12, 11pm

    Critical Mass, Systemic Complexity and Innovation: Catalysts for Designing Change In a design ecosystem increasingly influenced by software and systems development, massive verification demands, and the boundaries of physics, engineers have a wonderful new set of problems to solve! Ye...

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