1. 07 Jul '17, 6am

    This article is very helpful for hardware technicians who are expert in resolving PC hardware issues and also those who want to build their own custom PC.
    Here I like to share another useful guide that why building your own custom PC is more often affordable than buying a new one.

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  2. 03 Sep '15, 9pm

    That's great !

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  3. 09 Jul '15, 4am

    As you know earthquakes occur frequently in japan. So floating solar plants are wonderful ideas to Japan. And it’s very important to maintain effectively same direction and position on the water for floating solar plants. Because directional change of solar panels reduces electricity production. So floating solar plants also need the directional control mooring systems for their parked positions. Azimuth and position change of floating solar plants caused by wind, waves and external forces. Restoring Force Strengthened Mooring System for floating solar plants has been created in South Korea. This Mooring System generates Restoring Force immediately when floating solar plants are being rotated or moved on the water. You can see them in Ochang Dam natural reservoir, South Korea. I N I WORLD

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  4. 18 Jan '15, 9am

    Thank you for the comments.....the good ones....and the bad ones! I can only learn from that, for the next lawnmower...!!!!
    Watch the progress over at

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  5. 07 Nov '14, 8am

    I am using Cube 3d printer, tried above method but it did not work. The moment I replace empty cartridge, replacing full one, as per your instruction, I get a message on display as 'replace cartridge within 30 seconds'. So it did not accept the empty cartridge. My firmware version is 2.08.
    Any other method???

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  6. 11 Jul '14, 11am

    Group Managing Director at Component Sense

    How does genuine product bought direct from TE or any other manufacturer become a counterfeit risk as soon as it lands in the hands of the customer?

    Large OEM and EMS companies have excellent controls and traceability. I buy excess stock all the time from large tier 1, trusted OEM and EMS companies and I have the reassurance that the stock has been properly procured from direct sources. There is no risk at all, I can see CofC's or SAP traceability. I know my suppliers systems and procedures inside out and have close relationships with key personnel in all areas. We can pass these assurances on to our customers so that they remain safe from counterfeits too.

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  7. 10 May '14, 1pm

    We developed at Kikai Labs a post-extrusion coloring of the object using markers… It works much much better than this!

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  8. 21 Dec '13, 11pm

    So, step by step, if machines take over all human activity, including art and science, what will happen to the organic body and its conditioned-to-work-and-think brain? Surely, will it decay? Is mankind-machines coexistence possible while people is fighting for jobs and resources: competition, nations, and so on? Anyway, what is the endeavour in which a robot cannot ever take part or channel at all? Why won't the future automatons be alive? What is the fundamental difference between a mechanical structure, organic or inorganic, that imitates life and life itself? Is there any, virtual or real? Is it only the holder of power the one who has the capacity for defining and differentiating? A subjective imposition? Along these lines, a serious-funny book, take a look in a sample in Just another mind leisure suggestion, far away from dogmas or axioms

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  9. 22 Nov '13, 2am

    It is said the ARM Cortex-A5 processor is the smallest, lowest cost and lowest power ARMv7 application processor capable of delivering the internet to the widest possible range of devices: from low-cost entry-level smartphones, feature phones and smart mobile devices, to pervasive embedded consumer and industrial devices.

    My company MYIR offers a DevKit MYD-SAMA5D3X for the high-performance Atmel SAMA5D3 series ARM Cortex-A5 processors which has one carrier board to support four different CPU modules respectively for SAMA5D31, SAMA5D33, SAMA5D34 and SAMA5D35 processors. It is capable of running Linux and Android operating systems and offered with optional 4.3- and 7-inch LCD panels. It can work in harsh environment supporting -40 to +85°C extended temperature operation.

    More details about MYIR's SAMA5D3 DevKit can be found at:

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  10. 29 Sep '13, 4am

    Where can I get rom for i9500 (MT6853)??

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  11. 13 Feb '13, 8am

    I would buy such a board with all parts soldered and ready to be used, connecting to a MCU via SPI or so. Is anybody willing to give me a hint?

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  12. 31 Aug '12, 5pm

    Really interesting support for Quantified Self. I personally didn't know what it was till a few weeks ago. This is actually good article summarizing what the whole movement is about ( I've begun trying to quantify more of my workouts and fitness, we'll see what happens!

  13. 22 Aug '12, 12am

    I have written a numerical optimizer for LTSpice. It automatically adjusts component values to optimize circuit objectives you set.
    It uses an evolutionary algorithm as the search engine, which is not such an unusual thing these days.

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  14. 17 Jul '12, 2pm

    You can now follow EEESafe News at our own Blog and on Twitter. Visit our site to see at We now have the support of the Trade Bodies and are working on our Bespoke Qualification with a Major Awarding body.
    We already have the Training Material to allow Training organisations to start. Shortly we'll be launching our assessment of all Domestic White Goods Engineers, to get them registered and offer up to 5 new Revenue streams for some of them.

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