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Estimated Traffic Net Worth $3,854

Estimated Traffic Net Worth $3,854

TE Connectivity Raychem Circuit Protection 2Pro AC Device Sager Electronics introduces the new 2Pro AC device from TE Connectivity Raychem Circuit Protection Learn More MVAC AC-DC Power Supplies with Medical Approvals The MVAC250 & MVAC400 from Murata Power Solutions offer 3 x 5 250 W and 400 W AC-DC power supplies with medical approvals Learn More PC 5 High Speed, High Power Connectors Phoenix Contact's Versatile Family of Connectors Learn More The Type TN - Wi-Fi® / Bluetooth® Module Murata Wireless Solutions's Type TN module is a broad market solution providing IEEE802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth v4.0 wireless connectivity. Learn More Honeywell S&C's PX2 Series Heavy Duty Pressure Transducers Configurable Pressure Measurement Devices (7 bar to 34 bar) Provide Reliable Performance in Moderately Harsh Media Environments Learn More

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Consumer Electronics Are Driving Battery Advances

Consumer Electronics Are Driving Battery Advances

plugincars.com 29 Mar '13, 6pm

Strategic advising firm Lux Research claims that, although the motivation to develop next-generation battery technology ty...

Alloy Developed at Sandia Has Potential for Electronics in Geothermal Wells

Alloy Developed at Sandia Has Potential for Ele...

renewableenergyworld.com 26 Mar '13, 1pm

Sandia National Laboratories first investigated the gold-silver-germanium alloy about 15 years ago as a possible bonding m...

IBM developing 'electronic blood' for cooling c...

eetimes.com 30 Mar '13, 11am

PORTLAND, Ore.—To achieve the exascale speeds necessary for the realtime analysis of the Big Data streaming in from the ma...