24 May '13, 3pm

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» Facilities Providing excellent facility services and ensuring our operations run seamlessly are key components to delivering the right parts exactly on time. Also, with the people and parts as the foundation of our business, ensuring the best possible physical environment is key to our success. Start your search here for opportunities in our facilities group. » Finance Does your field of study include credit, collections, receivables, payables, payroll, taxation and financial reporting? Are you interested in a career path of increasing responsibility in a sophisticated accounting department that employs leading-edge financial tools? Start you search for opportunities in our finance group here . » Human Resources If people are the foundation of your business – you had better hire and retain the best people. If you want to hire and retain the best people you need to have t...

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Fort Hood suspect wants to represent himself

militarytimes.com 23 May '13, 1am

FORT WORTH, TEXAS — The Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly 2009 Fort Hood attack wants to represent himself at his up...