31 May '13, 4pm

Future Facts! @Wandboard is in stock @FutureElec. What is the core supported on the WBDUAL?

The WBDUAL is an i.MX6 Cortex-A9 Dual Core @1Ghz Multimedia Processor Development Board with WiFi and Bluetooth. It is an ultra low power complete computer with high performance multimedia, HDMI display interface and gigabit Ethernet capabilities. The dual core version of the Wandboard (the WBDUAL) not only features 1GB of memory but also has onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Features: Processor : Wandboard Dual Freescale i.MX6 Duallite Core available : Cortex-A9 Dual core Memory size : 1 GB DDR3 Micro SD cardslot : 2 Port : Serial SATA connector : Not populated View the List of Available Multimedia Processors

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