30 Aug '13, 4am

PC outlook further lowered as mature markets projected to outgrow emerging markets in 2013, says IDC

While the results of the second quarter were in line with forecast, a number of issues led IDC to further downgrade its PC outlook. Aside from stubbornly depressed consumer interest, 2013 also marks the first year where emerging regions are expected to contract at a steeper rate than mature regions. Leading this trend is China's revised forecast, which calls for a double-digit decline in shipments this year (2013) compared to 2012, as channel sources report high levels of stagnant inventory and continued enthusiasm for tablets and smartphones. The repercussions of a slowing China, anxiety over the possible tapering of the US quantitative easing program, and weak intrinsic PC demand are among a litany of factors that have rippled across portions of other formerly strong-growth areas, leading emerging markets as a whole to see declines through at least 2014.

Full article: http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20130830PR204.html


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