30 Oct '13, 4pm

New #RaspberryPi add-on combines lcd sccreen and keyboard. @element14

The device sits on top of the Raspberry Pi and uses its own on-board buttons and a navigation wheel to control applications and functions, with information shown on a built-in lcd display. Dr Andrew Robinson, who designed the device, commented: "PiFace Control and Display was created to support the educational objectives of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and to get as many people as possible really engaged in programming and electronics design. "In addition, Control and Display is really easy to use and its simplicity opens up a raft of potential applications for novice and experienced Raspberry Pi users." Available now from the element14 website, the device is suitable for use in a media server environment, home network, internet radio or in custom built applications, and comes with all the necessary software and sample code.

Full article: http://www.newelectronics.co.uk/electronics-news/raspberr...


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