30 Dec '13, 8am

Article: Solution for off-screen video frame composition and decomposition using #OpenGL ES #semIP

The video frame composition module takes in multiple video input channels. each having different attributes like pixel format, pixel resolution etc., and composites onto an output frame of single or multiple video output channels each with different attributes. When such a composited frame is encoded and transmitted from one device, on the receiving device the frame decomposition module accomplishes the reverse functionality, wherein it extracts the composed frames in the video frames of input channels.

Full article: http://www.design-reuse.com/articles/33575/off-screen-vid...


New IP: Video ADC from Himax Media Solution #semIP

New IP: Video ADC from Himax Media Solution #semIP

design-reuse.com 30 Dec '13, 10am

The video ADC is an 8-bit, 210MHz analog IP which is suitable for analog R/G/B or Y/Pb/Pr signal input from PC or consumer...