30 Dec '13, 12pm

Optimizing Sensor Performance with 1T-OTP Trimming

Optimizing Sensor Performance with 1T-OTP Trimming

Sidense 1T-OTP IP is a good example of embedded antifuse OTP, providing many advantages compared to other non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies for sensor trimming. 1T-OTP uses Sidense's patented 1T-Fuse™ bit cell, a single split-channel transistor that encompasses both thick (IO) and thin (gate) oxide regions below the transistor's gate. The one-transistor bit cell results in a small memory footprint for minimal cost impact. In addition, since Sidense 1T-OTP is fabricated in standard logic CMOS processes, without any additional masks or process steps, there is no added wafer manufacturing cost. Low cost NVM is very important for cost-sensitive devices in the automotive and mobile communications markets.

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