29 Feb '12, 10pm

Interview with Patrizio Vinciarelli @vicorpower on Intermediat Bus Architectures @EDNmagazine #power

recently discussed with Patrizio Vinciarelli, chairman, president, and CEO of Vicor Power, the company's IBA technology, the evolution of the company, and how the patent lawsuit Vicor was involved in has affected the industry and company over the last four-plus years. What follows are excerpts of that discussion.

Full article: http://www.edn.com/article/521048-Vicor_CEO_IBA_and_paten...


Tesla's 'Brick' Problem - EV World #ev

Tesla's 'Brick' Problem - EV World #ev

evworld.com 22 Feb '12, 4am

The 340th Tesla Roadster produced went to a customer in Santa Barbara, California. In 2011, he took his Roadster out for a...