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Mapheads and Roadgeeks: The New Cartography

Mapheads and Roadgeeks: The New Cartography

? Perhaps it’s because maps are a built-in feature of our brains. As we find our way in the world, we construct cognitive maps , mental representations of the real world, so is it any wonder that physical and digital maps resonate with us in powerful ways? Some believe that using GPS devices prevents us from creating these cognitive maps because we let the device do all the work . We no longer ask for directions because we’re never lost, and we no longer truly experience a place because we are focused on following a line on a screen. These are serious concerns, but my own belief is that GPS-enabled devices can, if used in the right spirit, make us more likely to get lost and to experience where we are. We just have to remember to put our phones away and wander. The maps will always be there when we need them.

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