29 Dec '14, 6am

News: @einfochipsltd IdeaLab Designs Solution to make #Automobiles Safer #semIP

Sunnyvale (CA), Dec 24, 2014 -- eInfochips, a leading Product Engineering Services company, has announced availability of the new System on Module (SoM), and related engineering services for automotive companies to build safer vehicles. When connected to a car’s telemetry system that collects vital data about the car and the environment, the system module’s thermal camera can detect the presence of children in the vehicle. In addition to that, a sensor on the system module can detect increase in the levels of toxic carbon monoxide (CO). If a child or pet is found on board and CO levels exceed specified thresholds, a car alarm will be activated, and alerts are sent to an emergency list including the car owner, family and 911.

Full article: http://www.design-reuse.com/news/36186/einfochips-idealab...